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Through Dental Pay Plus, the Chamber offers a competitive voluntary dental insurance benefit programme. What is the different between trauma insurance and health insurance? Homepage > Work, living, playing > Living > What is the distinction between trauma insurance and health insurance? Where is the distinction between trauma insurance and health insurance? When you are considering how best to safeguard your personal finances, you may be asking yourself why you need trauma insurance if you already have private health insurance.

If you have private health insurance, the health insurance company contributes to covering the costs of your health care by directly covering the costs of the health care provided (e.g. physician or hospital). In contrast to the open system, you can most likely select your own physician, surgery and your own clinic, and you probably won't have to spend so much time waiting to be cared for.

They can also take out supplementary insurance that would help them afford things like physical therapy, optics and dentistry that may not be included in Medicare. This means that private health insurance is conceived in such a way that it helps you to only take good care of your immediate health needs. Trauma insurance provides you with a flat-rate amount that will be immediately reimbursed to you upon validation of the diagnoses of one of the 38 diseases mentioned in NobleOaks PDS, regardless of whether you are handicapped or whether the treatment was successful.

In general, these four diseases make up over 90% of all injuries that have been suffered throughout the Australian life insurance sector. If you suffer damage, your accident insurance company will reimburse you a flat-rate amount to allow you to meet all essential health care expenses such as robot surgeries or other treatment not covered by health insurance.

Furthermore, mortgages or rents, current accounts, educational costs for kids and other current daily expenditure can be met with trauma funding. Accident insurance can make it easier for you and your loved ones to pay for any of the illnesses mentioned and allow you to concentrate on your convalescence.

NobleOak Trauma Insurance offers up to $2 million coverage, which is the highest on the insurance there is. To learn more about trauma insurance, please read the Trauma Insurance section on the NobleOak website or other sites such as ASIC's MoneySmart page.

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