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Recovery of the basic purpose of health care

"Well, our care's not for use. I' m a biz college prof who thinks that the pursuit of making the U.S. healthcare system "businesslike" is crushing his souls. Health care's basic aim is to improve the people' lives by improving their health. Trading companies concentrate on generating capital gains to help their valuations and stay afloat.

The health system must concentrate on generating societal benefits in order to fulfil its promises to societies. Yes, health care must be effective and productive as well as have enough room for manoeuvre to sustain and enhance service. However, when key financials determine the health care agenda, we are sacrificing its basic intent.

However, most companies place value on margins over orders, and healthcare must place value on missions over orders. Dr. Berwick and other key figures from the 2017 Forum emphasized several key factors for the creation of a radically different healthcare system. You talked about closeness, modesty, common intention, confidence, transparency, involvement, powerful performance and happiness.

The adoption of these approaches will go far beyond health care providers, incentives and multi-layered documentations. "We need more closeness in healthcare. Governments, policy -makers, hospitals and others need to be closer to what is happening on the front line of health care - and to what is hindering it.

As I believe that airlines' managers should regularly travel in the bus category (middle seat) to better appreciate the client experiences, I also believe that health care managers should be spending more on the ground where care is provided to find out what they cannot study in their office.

Awdish' s and Christensen' s tales strengthened Feeley's opening motif of "reciprocity" - common cause, twinning, distributed powers. Bundling expertise for a common goal in a spirit of confidence, mutuality, mutuality, mutuality, mutuality, mutuality, mutual esteem, mutual esteem, mutuality, mutuality, mutuality, mutual esteem, mutual esteem, mutual esteem, mutual esteem, mutual esteem, openness, respect, openness, transparence, transparency und modesty, is what health care must encompass in order to change, to go beyond gradual improvements, to avoid huge wastage, to become not only technologically more efficient, but also more humble for the patient and more joyous for the doctor.

Excellent bags characterize the US healthcare system - doctors, non-clinical personnel, admins and specialized organisations. We have a right way to increase economic efficiency, and we have a right way to do it in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector can tailor certain types of businesses to its missions, but it cannot do them.

Mr President, I departed the Forum with inspiration from the speeches of the House because they called on us to regain the basic objective of health care: to improve the standard of living by improving health.

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