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Writing an international accident and health insurance account for a wide range of classes, we protect both groups and individuals in many parts of the world. They need to understand what accident and health insurance is. Accidents happen when you least expect them. Also with the health insurance the additional costs can add up by an accident injury really. The Connecticut Accident Insurance will help you cover the medical and out of pocket costs that add up after an accident injury.

AIG Accident and Health Insurance - AIG Insurance in Australia

One of the world's premier accident and health insurance companies, AIG provides a comprehensive and versatile product and service portfolio aimed at companies around the globe. At AIG, we offer a variety of corporate, corporate, expatriate, student and sports group insurance and accident insurance solutions.

They can also help keep your cash, your passports and your things safe when you're on the road. The group accident and health insurance offers accident and health insurance services. It' a multi-faceted 24-hour service available to staff, covering driving to and from work and volunteering outings.

There is also cover for sports groups, pupils and university. International nursing insurance covers staff and their family members when they are sent abroad. Provides comprehensive health and dentistry services and 24-hour disaster relief. International health and evacuation insurance will help you eliminate the expensive burdens on your staff from incurring health and dentist expenses in the form of currency.

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No matter where your lifestyle leads you, you will always know that you are insured by AHI's market-leading accident, health and travelling insurance. Protection of the essential is more than just insurance. It' s the liberty to concentrate on your core businesses, knowing that you are underwritten by an insurance company with over 20 years of protection expertise covering more than a million individuals in 200 nationalities.

In this way we have earned a name as one of Australia's most reliable and award-winning specialty underwriters.

Accidents & Health

Our understanding is that humans have a way of living outside of work. That' s why we have accident and health insurance policies that can cover you around the clock, no matter where you are. At the same time, our goal is to help improve people's health by reducing the effects of injuries and illness. Suited for the self-employed, companies, sport associations, governmental organizations and volunteers, we can also tailor our services to large employer needs.

Services may include loss of income, non-medicare charges and rehabilitative expenses, as well as flat-rate payments for deaths and serious injury. There are many additional services available, and we can even customise the coverage to suit the needs of the employees' family. These guidelines may supplement our employee accident insurance systems, as the salaries paid under these systems differ from country to country.

The coverage* can be tailored to your needs: Coverage of burial costs. With our injuries consultants, your employees receive the best possible support to help them recuperate and get their life back on its feet. Our long-standing relations with our relief service providers are chosen with great diligence to ensure high standards of service and consultancy during the crucial phase following an unexpected incident.

Our committed accident and health insurance teams are at your side and we have an optimised loss procedure in case you need to make a loss assert. Work with the knowledge that you are insured if a third person asserts against you a right to compensation for material damages or bodily injuries resulting from your persons or your wares. Indispensable coverage for your employees, supplied by professionals.

In addition, we offer special trainings and advices to help your employees and your company to succeed. Compulsory insurance for companies in New South Wales and Queensland. Everything can be covered, from individual cars to large fleet cars.

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