Affordable Health Insurance Coverage

Accessible health insurance coverage

If you are looking for health insurance, please visit To some, state support offsets the cost of insurance. When your children are among them because you can't afford sufficient cover or because your employer-sponsored plan doesn't cover everything, don't despair. Every member deserves an affordable health plan that offers quality, choice, access, service and value.

The ACA stands for Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare | United Way Monroe County

The United Way of Monroe County works with the local government to help people find, monitor and innovate affordable healthcare. Health insurance is an important way to prevent a subprime mortgage and the Affordable care Act (ACA) requires all US citizens to have health insurance.

You may be covered by insurance taken out through your employers or through the US Government's Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicare, Medicaid, Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), Hoosier Healthwise or Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Failure with health insurance can lead to a federal fine. In recent years, United Way has worked to expand navigator capacities in Monroe County as part of the ACA Enrollment Committee's effort to help individuals find the right health insurance.

Said sailors are state-certified individuals who have been educated to offer impartial assistance in registering inhabitants for marketplace coverage and state schemes. Visit gov to request cover, see side-by-side comparison of schedules and price checking. Once you have reported on the marketplace, take these actions to make sure that you meet or possibly upgrade your 2019 schedule.

Would you like to find out more about the marketplace, the possibilities of health insurance and the registration procedure? The United Way of Monroe County will remind you to take the opportunity to review your schedule for changes and upgrades before re-registering. State-approved navigation guides are available if your schedule has been modified or you need help extending your registration.

It provides impartial help in enrolling inhabitants in health schemes. A number of different community services can help you through the registration procedure, explaining coverage choices, talking to you about grants and taxes that can lower your healthcare bills, providing answers to your queries, and helping you register. The support of navigation of these organisations is free of charge:

IU Health - Customized solutions: To schedule an appointed date for a qualified Navigator, call 1-888-531-3004 or go to: The ASPIN Health Navigators: For Navigator support, call 877-313-7215 or go to The SCCAP covers children and families: For help call 812-339-3447 DW 512 or DW 511 or go to

Health Department of Monroe County: You can call Scott Stowers, Certified Health Insurance Navigator, at (812) 349-2075 or or send an email. They can also choose 2-1-1 or go to www.in211. org/healthcare-project to find out how to submit an application, try out a health insurance costs calculator and get more information locally. FamilyWize' prescribing discount programme, although it is not health insurance, can lower the costs of medication for family and individual patients with or without prescriptions in attending retail chemists.

Certain persons are entitled to other forms of state cover. Navigator can help you to find out more about these programs: Indiana Medicaid provides several ways to get coverage, among them "Traditional Medicaid. In order to see if you are qualified for an Indiana Medicaid programme, please go to See if you can qualifiy or find out more about HIP by visiting

The Hoosier Healthwise is a health programme for low-income families and carers, expectant mothers and infants. If you would like to see if you can apply or would like to find out more about Hoosier Healthwise, please go to Childrens health insurance (CHIP) is for young people up to 19 years of age. If you want to see if your kid can get qualified or to find out more about KIP, please go to

The Medicare programme is a nationwide health insurance programme for persons aged 65 and over and for those under the age of 65 and the handicapped. If you would like to see if you can apply or would like to know more about Medicare, please go to The Area 10 Agency on Aging has SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) consultants who are specialized in Medicare.

You can call 812-876-3383 or go to VIM, based in Bloomington, provides free access to basic healthcare, dentistry and human medicine, treatments for critical and chronical illnesses, and preventative health information for non-insured adult patients in Monroe and Owen districts who meet the admission requirements. See if you can qualifiy or find out more about VIM by visiting our website at

ACA's Enrollment Commitee works to make sure everyone in our region has easy and affordable health insurance that works for them and their families. It is composed of the United Way of Monroe County, the Monroe County Department of Health, the City of Bloomington, the IU Health Bloomington Hospital, insurance companies, the South Central Communities Action Program and other local government groups.

These funds help individual persons and households to cover essential needs through adequate nutrition, a sustainable living environment, low-cost health services, information and crisis management capabilities. Would you like to know more about the other components for a good living? Go to Education and Income to see how we make a difference.

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