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It is important that you have current health insurance as a prerequisite for your student visa. History[edit] The Associated Insurance Group ( "TAG") was formed in 1986 by Associated Insurance Firms to accommodate their broader focus[6] and began to expand rapidly outside Indiana by taking over a number of insurance firms and establishing new affiliates in the early 80s to mid 90s. The former Anthem Inc. was an insurance firm that began in the early eighties as a spin-off of the group insurance business of American General Insurance.

Between its change to a listed corporation in 2001 and its definitive fusion in 2004, it fused the Blue Cross Blue Shield organisations of several states to create economies of scales, transforming them from non-profit to for-profit in the process. At the end of 2004, Anthem and WellPoint fused and the name WellPoint was taken over by the fused group.

This anthem no longer exist as a business, but the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands are used by WellPoint in 11 states. Anthem demutualised in October 2001 and carried out an IPO of ordinary shares. We WellPoint, Inc. Formerly Anthem, Inc., was created by the merger of WellPoint and Anthem in 2004 to become the nation's premier healthcare group.

Precursor of WellPoint Health Network Inc. was the Blue Cross of California, created in 1982 with the merger of Blue Cross of Northern California (founded in 1936) and Blue Cross of Southern California (founded in 1937). The WellPoint Group was created in 1992 to run the Blue Cross of the California based managed healthcare franchise.

Blue Cross of California split its Managed Care operations into a stand-alone listed unit in 1993, WellPoint Health Networks Inc. The California Blue Cross concluded the transformation of its entire company into a for-profit organisation in 1996, leading to a reorganization known as WellPoint Health Networks Inc. as the holding company.

Both Anthem and WellPoint generated part of this increase through M&A. December 2014: At WellPoint, the name of the business has change to Anthem Inc. Both companies fused with Associated Insurance Companies, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary. 6][7] But the use of the name "hymn" remained. And Anthem purchased Blue Cross Blue Blue Shield of Maine.

1982: Blue Cross of California was created with the consolidations of Blue Cross of Northern California (founded 1936) and Blue Cross of Southern California (founded 1937). 1992: WellPoint was created to run the Blue Cross of the California managed healthcare franchise. 1996: The Blue Cross of California finalized the transformation of its entire California operations to a for-profit state, leading to a reorganization known as WellPoint Health Networks Inc. as the holding company.

Thereafter, WellPoint Health Networks Inc. began a strong growth. 4 ] WellPoint purchased PrecisionRx, a Texas email services fulfilment centre for pharmacies. RightChoice Managed Care, a Missouri-based business, was purchased by WellPoint for $1.5 billion. 4 ] WellPoint also purchased MethodistCare in Houston, Texas[4] and HealthLink in the Midwest. At WellPoint, we purchased Alexandria, Va., Lumenos, a supplier of personal healthcare products, for $185 million.

23 ] Lenos was a frontrunner and leadership in the field of healthcare for consumers. WellPoint in December bought WellChoice, a New York-based Blue Cross Blue Shield vendor, for approximately $6.5 billion, making New York the fourth state in which WellPoint is a Blue Cross Blue Shield license holder. At WellPoint, we took over Chicago-based American Imaging Managements, the premier radiation technology firm that develops softwares that help doctors select cost-effective sites where their patient will get diagnostic images.

25 ] WellPoint also purchased Chicago-based American Imaging Mangement ( "AIM"), the leader in radiation imaging. Anthem Blue Cross reached a compromise with the California Department of Managed Health Care in July 2008. In order to clarify accusations of unlawful contract terminations (cancellations), WellPoint repaid $10 million and restored 1,770 policyholders whose plan they had canceled.

WellPoint has not accepted any official responsibility. Shape 10-K Anthem, Inc". Matthews, Anna Wilde (August 12, 2014). "Now, WellPoint changes its name to Hymne." Returned on December 3, 2014. WellPoint changes its name to Hymne". December 3, 2014. Returned on December 3, 2014. WellPoint, Inc.

The Indianapolis Business Journal. WellPoint, Inc. Returned on May 24, 2014. A. J. Schneider (5 December 1994). The Indianapolis Business Journal. <font color="#ffff00">ASSOCIATED GROUP/COMMUNITY MMUTUAL MARGER COREATES ANTHEM BLUE SHIELD <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents Hymn, WellPoint fusion to become biggest medical insurance company.

Returned on May 25, 2014. Anthem Revenue 2006-2018 AMNTM. The Indianapolis Business Journal. The Indianapolis Business Journal. Hymn News Releases. Blue cross unit going public. "STATES OKS BLUE ACROSS THE BOARD FOR-PROFIT PLANT ONE OF THE NATION'S LARGEST PUBLIC-HELD HEALTH MANAGED HEALTHCARE COMPANIES TO BE CREATED". Business Brief -- WELLPOINT HEALTH NETWORKS INC.: Acquisition of Hancock Unit corresponds to omission.

wellpoint is closing the rush prudential acquisitions. WellPoint changes name to anthem. 3 December 2014. Returned on December 4, 2014. WellPoint Acquires Health Insurance Provider. Best's insurance news. Business Brief -- WellPoint Inc.: Medical Imaging Targets Acquisition". that WellPoint is buying company to secure supplies to its patients.

"The insurer is pursuing a special strategy." The Indianapolis Business Journal. Returned on May 24, 2014. WellPoint, Inc. Takes Over Amerigroup Corp. The Atlanta Business Chronicle. Returned on May 24, 2014. "Now WellPoint buys Amerigroup, bets heavily on Medicaid extension. Returned on May 24, 2014. Anthem, Inc. to acquire Simply Healthcare Holdings, Inc. Brought back on December 24, 2014.

"Hymn makes $47 billion bid for Rivalin Cigna." "Hymn to the purchase of Cigna to found the largest U.S. medical insurer." Federal judge block the planned takeover of Cigna by Hymne". Terhune, Chad (28 January 2014). "California California Medical Insurance Company Criticized Report for Treating Cronic Diseases." Brought back on March 28, 2014. To reduce cover, the insurance company addressed itself to HIV sufferers.

WellPoint routinely addresses breast cancer patients | Common dreams | Breaking news & views for the progressive community. How WellPoint's poor behaviour is driving healthcare reforms forward. Group claims unlawful action by two huge consumer watchdog companies accusing WellPoint and UnitedHealthcare of putting employees under pressure. UnitedHealth joins WellPoint to sharpen the healthcare law lobby.

WellPoint claims it's going to increase premiums by 18. "WellPoint' daughter is fighting Maine over Big Rate Hike (VIDEO)". New York Times, In California Exhibition a on Insurance, Feb 16 2010, ^ Volsky, Igor (March 31, 2010). "The WellPoint classification of costs into "medical care" to meet the medical loss ratio reform requirements". Person-related information that is retrieved from the insurer's website.

Hymn Blue Cross Vulnerability. Andria Borba (28 May 2014). "The Sonoma County Man Battling Cancer Denied Coverage By Anthem Blue Cross after $100K in bonuses." Hymn "Blue cross to cover Sonoma County cancer patients according to the KPIX 5 report". Data violations at the health insurance hymn can affect millions - cancer on security".

Middle of the page; even the Anthem page does not refer to Healthlink. "Antehem hack: "Chinese state-sponsored hackers suspected in antehem attack." "Ahem hacking indicates a security hole in the healthcare system." Severe Injury at Healthcare Anthem Inc. Anders, George, Blue Cross of California Sells Stake in WellPoint for $476 million at the Wall Street Journal, January 28, 1993.

National Underwriter Life & Health-Financial Services Edition, 14 septembre 1992.

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