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It is possible that your health insurance fund does not cover the benefits if:. When and how should I insure myself against benefits that are not covered by basic health insurance? Basics of choosing a health insurance policy. Or let us know your basic requirements and we will find the most suitable health insurance for you. Funding ratio - First and foremost, you need to check the funding ratio of a health insurance policy.

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N.B. The information presented on this page is subject to the 2018 amendment to private health insurance (reforms). As health insurance companies begin introducing new clinic classes and levels of care on April 1, 2019, we should gain a better insight into what the new Basic Hospitals level may be.

Which is the basic insurance? The basic insurance will be the cheapest type of medical insurance a mutual will be able to provide until April 1, 2019. The basic directive will have only restricted characteristics, but it will include covering the provision of mental health treatment by the hospitals, as well as rehabilitative and palliative medicine as a privately insured person in a government clinic.

When you search for a subcoverage, Basic insurance includes (at least) limited coverage for the following clinic categories: Psychiatry service in the infirmary. Inpatient management and support for individuals with psychological, addictive, psychiatric or behavioral problems, psychotic problems such as psychophrenia, psychotic disorder such as zizophrenia, emotional disorder such as depressive disorder, food disorder and drug use.

Hospitals treating the bodily rehabilitation of a person recovered from an operation or disease, which includes stationary rehabilitation, strokes and heart rehabilitation. The provision of medical services to ensure the well-being of a person with an incurable disease, comprising relief and management of soreness. Basic animal policies do not include all Bronze, Silver and Golden level therapies.

Your health insurance company can, however, provide coverage for extra treatment through a Basic+ or Basic Plus insurance plan. These guidelines may provide limited or unlimited* coverage for supplemental treatment under other basic types of hospitals. For whom is the Basic Animal coverage suited? The base stage is the lower stage of coverage that a mutual funds can provide.

Do you think you will need more than just a basic directive? Find out more about the other health insurance fund types. Limited coverage - relates to coverage as a privately insured person in a government clinic. This coverage ratio allows you to select the physician who will treat you, provided that your physician has an agreement with the clinic where you want to be cared for and the clinic you have selected has free rooms.

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