Basic Private Health Insurance

Private basic insurance

It is easy to include our vision and dental insurance in your health insurance. Select from a variety of health plans for Texans large and small. Speak with a licensed insurance agent to discuss a plan that meets your health needs.

The new " Gold/Silver/Bronze/Basic " rating will help consumer select and use their private health insurance.

Private Healthcare Australia, the leading organisation of the private health insurance companies in Australia, has approved the federal government's new system of classifying private health insurance. "The new system represents a significant enhancement to consumers' choice and use of private health insurance," said Dr Rachel David, Chief Executive Officer of Private Healthcare Australia, today.

"For two years, we have been gradually reviewing the health insurance company's range of gold, silver, bronze and basic health insurance policies, according to the costs of the policy and the amount of coverage. "It has been a complicated and balanced exercise, because we need to make sure that the consumer has easy acces to what is both accessible and value for the money at all times.

Midwifery is a high-risk and cost-intensive field of medical services that is currently only insured by first-class hospitals. "An important part of this new system is maintaining the basic level, which will ensure that there is an accessible facility for those living in Australia's countryside and regions who want continuous medical attention from a private professional but only have acces to a government clinic.

"Basic and Bronze levels also offer affordably priced entry-level offerings for younger, more healthy individuals who often upgrades as they grow older and their lives evolve. "At the lower end, the main problem is to communicate effectively with the consumer about what is and is not included so that they know what they are purchasing.

Rankings by the Private Health Ministerial Advisory Council (PHMAC) have changed or removed some of the historic characteristics of health insurance coverage that have confused the consumer, such as limited coverage at higher levels and performance over time. During the first half of 2019, information on the new levels of health insurance coverage and the treatment coverage of health insurance coverage will be made available to health insurance members.

"The health insurance companies recognise that the cost and service visibility for private healthcare users is seen as insufficient, and this new system makes a much needed move to bring back controls on patients and consumers," said Dr David. "The PHA and our member health insurers look forward to introducing extra features to help users and their GPs select specialist doctors on the basis of pricing and qualification.

The Private Healthcare Australia is the most important interest group for the private health insurance branch in Australia. The PHA represent 20 Australia health insurance companies with a total of 12.9 million Australians, representing 96% of the population. Encouraging the value of private health insurance to the consumer in the Australia business community and maintaining reasonable rates for our members is a top PHA member priority.

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