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AEU is a proud supporter of the Teachers Health Fund and believes it is the best health fund available for you and your family. The Teachers Health Fund | Australian Education Union (AEU) AEU is a proud sponsor of the Health Foundation teacher and thinks it is the best health foundation available for you and your ancestors. To join today, please pay a call to the teacher's health funds. We' re for teacher. And we understand what it's like to work in the educational sector - and all the pressure that goes with it.

As the only privately owned health insurer that is responsible solely for the educational association (and its families), we are at your side. Founded over 60 years ago by teacher for teacher educators, we are now the biggest sector health funds in Australia. We make a big impression where it matters most - and ensure that our members are cared for.

We are a non-profit organization that puts value before value and offers the best value to our members. At Teachers Health, we are proud to be committed to you - supporting the educational communities through contributions, sponsoring and charitable activities rather than filling shareholders' coffers. Let us match your latest policies with our nearest Teachers Health Insurance company - simply go to or call us at 1300 728 188.

Remember, as we are a limited entry investment trust, the admission requirements are valid - see for more information.

Newcastle Health Insurance - Phoenix Health Fund

So why choose to buy health in Newcastle? Many health insurances exist in Newcastle and Australia. There are 36 different health insurers in the health industry, many of which may not be known. They may not have belonged to you, but many health care providers may be able to provide you with a better agreement on health care with better services on quote and less out of pocket costs.

There are a number of things that determine the best health plan and policies for you and your loved ones. Often the degree of coverage you need and what is cheapest is an important one. If you are a general practitioner, you will not be given as many opportunities to choose your physician, and you will often have a more restricted selection of nearby clinics.

The private hospital coverage allows you a wider spectrum of doctors and hospital. In addition, if you have extra, you are insured for things for which a non-member would not be insured, such as dentistry, optics, physical therapy, osteopathy, pedology, psychology, and more. So, if you've chosen that private health insurance is there for you, the next tough thing to do is find the health insurance that works best for you?

If you are purchasing for health insurance, consider a non-profit nonfunds for profit does not apply only to its members and they have no stockholders. That means an all-round better offer for its members.

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