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The best private health care

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Ministry of Health private health plan reforms: supply of information

Private Health Information Statement (PHIS) will supersede the present Standard Information Statement (SIS) as a regulatory methodology used by insurance companies to inform the consumer. Legislation will allow information to be technologically neutrally designed to mirror how information is accessed by the consumer. As an option, insurance companies may make a private health insurance declaration available to the consumer.

According to the rules, the declaration must be made available to a customer on demand. The insurer will be able to make available the life-long health policy declaration with the Premier Health Care Pack. The consultation carried out by the Ministry of Health in 2015 showed that the comprehensibility of private health care insurances is a central issue for private customers.

It gives customers the freedom to decide how to obtain information, and allows companies to use Home Information Services in the form they prefer. Information can be personalised, which is more relevant for the user. This newly developed website will better help customers select the best private health care plan for their health needs by making it easy to benchmark different plans.

Assurers will be flexible to make information available to customers in a wide range of different forms and customers will be able to choose how they get information. How will this amendment affect private health insurances?

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