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The company health insurance funds of Bupa offer insurance for large and small companies and inform themselves about the advantages of Bupa. Receive the group health insurance you need for your small or large business. Many reasons why you can offer health insurance to your employees. Purchasing insurance for your small business (group insurance) has different rules than buying only for yourself or your family (individual insurance). Looking for health insurance for small businesses in Kansas City?

Company and company health insurance

The business plans are an outstanding option for health insurance for large and small businesses. Affiliate with your Bupa Coporate Health Plans and you'll have great business advantages, plus grandiose extras service advantages. Membership Discount Partner - get great rebates and promotions from our affiliates such as Hoyts, Events Cinemas, Goodlife Health Clubs and more.

Our Health Advisory Line - if the unforeseen happens while you travel abroad, we are always there for you to offer you telephone assistance and consultation. Bupa has exclusively provided our 24-hour health consultation abroad. In addition, if you are a foreigner, you can use this feature while in Australia. With our occupational health planning, you can make decisions that accurately represent both your phase of your career and your budgeting, and adapt to your evolving health needs as needed.

See if your company has company health insurance with Bupa. *On the basis of your coverage levels. if you change within 60 workingdays after leaving your health insurance. Queue times may be applicable to services that are not fully insured by your existing personal health insurance or by the increase in your health insurance coverage levels.

Company health insurance funds | Health insurance consultants Australia

is one of the largest independently owned health insurance consulting companies in Australia. Over 30 years track record in developing, implementing, continuously overseeing and servicing occupational health schemes for companies of all heights. A lot of companies decide to provide their employees, customers or members with company health insurance - and you'll find that there are many different choices to make.

Health hazards such as cancers, diabetics, overweight, cardiac diseases and stresses, which affect Australians of all age groups, allow companies to consider providing adequate health insurance for their employees. Irrespective of whether you wish to provide employer-financed health insurance or non-subsidised company health insurance, HICA can work with you to identify the most suitable coverage for your particular needs.

Which possibilities are there for company health insurance companies? Australia has a combined population of 35 health insurance companies and each has a wide choice. The employer must take into account a number of determinants, such as the value of the subsidies they wish to grant and the necessary resource for the implementation, monitoring and management of the company health insurance scheme.

Consideration should also be given to whether coverage applies to all employees or only to those who fulfil chosen selection requirements, as well as the degree of assistance, services and assistance provided by the company health insurance scheme. Small-sized companies will have their own health insurance needs and are likely to face costs problems that could affect the nature of coverage.

They will also want to think about which plan is most attractive for their people. Thus, for example, the merits of employer-funded systems - where the employers pay all or part of their employees' health insurance contributions - should be balanced against the merits of non-subsidised insurance.

Having so many decisions on the table, selecting the right business health insurance can seem overpowering. HICA, Australia's premier independent health insurance broker, can help you find the right health insurance scheme for you. No matter whether you are looking for health insurance for your small business, overseas staff or a variety of other company health insurance policies, we can help you make an educated choice about which policy or policy to choose.

We have a wide range of occupational health insurance schemes available for Australia staff and can help you coordinate a plan. The best part is that all HICA's health care programs and services are backed by our dedicated professionals who are available on-line or over the telephone to give information and help when needed.

For more than 25 years we have been offering brokerage and advisory service in the business world. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with HICA today for a free and non-binding advice and learn more about the different possibilities.

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