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This is the amount that the policyholder or his sponsor (e.g. an employer) pays to the health insurance fund to take out health insurance. Select from a wide range of leading health insurance providers, here! Select the right health insurance.

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Australia buys "useless" health insurance, AMA chief says Australia headlines

Australia ians buy a "useless" health insurance policy and should not have to be an actuarial surgeon or physician to fully comprehend what these medical devices actually do, said the Australian Medical Association chairman Dr Michael Gannon. He also accused the health insurance sector of increasing premium payments to stockholders while he reduced patient choices by "controlling what kind of service is provided".

On Tuesday, he explained to a Bundestag commission in Sydney that the costs of medical treatments are not the cause why health insurance sufferers see an increase in expenditures. Mr Gannon said that most consumer understand that they may have to make a contribution to the costs of nursing it. He said the trouble they faced was that they thought they were protected but accidentally purchased a device that was "useless".

Said Gannon. It asked the commission to find out why it costs insurance companies as much to run their business as it did to hire a physician to provide treatment to their clients. His accusation was that the transition to a fully profit-oriented sector for the health insurance premium increase was necessary because insurance companies had to make sure that there were enough gains to allow a company to revert to its stockholders.

And the AMA Chairman also said that insurance companies would bring Australia into a kind of "managed healthcare system" like in the US. Said that health insurance companies would not give coverage if hospitals' equipment did not match their commercial requirements. "This will reduce the patient's choices as to what personal health insurance will provide," he said.

Jannon said insurance companies were trying to persuade government that they could cut health spending by inspecting what kind of service is provided - low-grade diligence that the AMA did not uphold. Mr Gannon said that while health insurance companies were focusing on minimizing their spending, they were putting obstacles in the way of access to healthcare for people.

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