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Find out why Palliative Care ACT is the representative voice for palliative care in the Australian Capital Territory. Whats care and support? Guidance on the care law to strengthen-based approaches. Nursing law, and we have different views about the merits of the law itself.

The Aged Care Act - Care instructions

Australia's 1997 Act on Care for the Elderly provides the legal basis for care for the elderly. This enables the government to financially assist individual persons in need of care for the elderly and care institutions to make sure that all Australians in need of care for the elderly have full and complete accessibility. It sets out the regulations, guidelines and processes to: create a sustained system of care for the elderly for Australia's growing elderly populations; give older persons more choices and greater accessibility to better care.

Under the law, the government ministry in charge of providing this care is the Department of Social Service (DSS). The DSS works to provide high value, affordably and accessibly care and nursing care for the elderly through subventions, grant funding, industrial aid and education, and regulatory measures in theector.

DHS is also part of the elderly care system. Care Guidance video collection collects and aggregates information from all agencies participating in the provision, management and financing of care for the elderly in an easy-to-understand form. In order to meet the increasing demands for service, changes are regularly made to the law.

In addition, there are responses to common asked question from people who are first involved in geriatric care. For further clarifications on all issues of relevance to nursing care for the elderly, we also provide you with the opportunity to make your own enquiries. Join our Care Guide Tour to find out more about what Care Guidance has to say.

ACT Palliative Care

ACT is the prestigious vote for Australian Capital Territory in the field of care. IN ORDER TO FULL OUR MISSIONS, WE OFFER: MANY OF OUR SERVICE IS PROVIDED BY VOLUNTARY PROFESSIONALS, BACKED BY A PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND COORDINATION STAFF. So why voluntary? By volunteering for ACT, you are making a great difference to the lives of people with an incurable disease.

It also gives you a great feeling of contentment and the knowing that you have changed the lives of someone in need.

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