Cheap Basic Health Insurance

Low-cost basic health insurance

When you work in the Netherlands, you must apply for basic insurance. They only want basic hospital insurance and do not choose for the other options. Do you wonder if you will ever be able to get direct answers to some of your most basic questions? Basic insurance covers the costs of medically necessary care.

Expat health insurance in the Netherlands: One short instruction is a comparative platform for expatriates who need health insurance in the Netherlands. You can use your local health insurance comparator to find a health insurance solution that is appropriate and inexpensive. Now that the insurance carriers have presented their new 2018 insurance contracts and premium rates, the seven-week change over screen has opened.

Is it worth checking whether you can change to a better and cheaper insurance? However, the answers are yes; the difference between insurance rates can be significant. The lowest basic insurance with insurance provider A, for example, could be 95 Euro, while insurance provider B can bill you up to 120 Euro for the same insurance.

That is a major distinction, especially as the insurance coverage is exactly the same. Often the more costly insurance products have better terms when it comes to selecting a health care company, such as a clinic or a health care team. Less costly guidelines often restrict the number of clinics you can go to for scheduled treatment.

It' also good to know that even with a basic insurance there can be a different rate per supplier, this could be up to 10 or more Euro per months. Bonuses vary even more if you need additional health care, such as dentistry, physical therapy or CAM.

The research and comparison of different insurance polices will therefore be worthwhile for you in the end. How much does the basic insurance pay? If you are asking yourself what is covered by normal (basic) health insurance in the Netherlands, you can find a listing here: When the above service schedule does not address your individual health condition, you can decide:

What does health insurance in the Netherlands cover? Get the cheapest basic insurance for about 95 to 105 Euro per months. Policy that allows a free selection of health service provider are somewhat more expensive: about 110 to 120 Euro per months. Supplementary insurance rates differ considerably according to the type of cover you require.

Much of the personal revenue is used to finance shortterm and long-term health services in the Netherlands. Most forms of health require the patient to bear a retention of up to 385 Euro per year. Once the co-payment has been made, the insurance starts reimbursing the cost of medicine.

Tax deductibles pile up during the year and are reset at the beginning of each new year. Self-participation is not valid for: A health supplement ("zorgtoeslag") is granted by the Swedish authorities to low-income people. Up to 89 Euro per monthly, this support contributes to the payment of the retention and the insurance premiums.

If you are: nl the first health insurance agent in the Netherlands for expatriates and foreign student, you are entitled to a health supplement. You can use the insurance comparator to get personalized results quickly and easily. Your call center is managed by professionals who are willing to respond to any question you may have about health insurance in the Netherlands.

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