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Affordable health care

Medicaid & the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides free or affordable health and dental insurance to millions of children and young people. Our coverage is flexible and allows expatriates to create a plan that best suits their needs. Locate the cover that's right for you! Since our firm was founded, PBI has offered private individuals affordable, high-quality health insurance.

Medical insurance to cover your needs and budget

Choosing the right personal and home medical coverage is probably one of the most important choices you will make. The only point is that your needs for cover are different. You' re gonna need more than a biscuit cutter for your healthcare plans. Do you want a policy that suits your lifestyle and makes good business for you and your ancestors?

Therefore, we provide a wide range of healthcare plan and option offerings. Select the plan you need and combine it into policy packs that are right for you and your ancestor. They should have the liberty to select the right healthcare plan and pack any extra coverage together to suit your needs and your current budgets.

Signed by the Golden Rule Insurances Company, these schemes provide short-term medical and supplementary coverage for you, your loved ones and your present state. It'?s timeto close this gap in your medical coverage. By the end of 2016, 44% of Americans were not receiving all types of dentistry.

Cover your smiles and general healthcare with teeth insurances. Flat-rate hospitals and doctors' insurances pay you flat-rate sums for qualifying healthcare benefits. That'?s a lot of dough that you can use to help close a gap in your large healthcare system. International Medicare Group (IMG®) long- or short-term traveller coverage can help you dispel some of your worries about impending trips.

No matter whether you are a holidaymaker, travel agent or traveller on holiday, travel cover can give you the assurance that you are taking good good care of your medical cover abroad, and it also offers travel rescission cover! Do you need drug coverage on medical grounds? If so, your selection of additional services to supplement your medical plan may be the right one for your needs and your personal budgets.

Find out more about cover for prescriptions. Please contact a licenced product advisor to review your healthcare plan option for cost, benefit, exclusions, restrictions, entitlements and renewals. It is a complement to your healthcare plan and does not replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement of your coverage. Missing healthcare (or other minimal coverage) may lead to an extra tax with your tax payments.

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