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CHA Children's Healthcare Australasia - Home - About Us - Who We Are - What We Do - Current Members - Become a Member - CHA General Assembly. Childrens Healthcare Network (CHN) supports paediatricians in providing quality health care throughout NSW. The Newburyport and Haverhill Children's Health Care provides comprehensive pediatric health care from birth to adolescence. Find out more about us at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - our history, awards and why you should choose our nationally recognised childcare. CHOA (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta), sometimes referred to simply as Children's's, is a non-profit children's health system located in the Atlanta area.

Who we are | Children's Healthcare Australasia

Wellcome to the on-line house for Children's Healthcare Australasia. CHA (Children's Healthcare Australasia) is a non-profit association of children's hospital and children's wards throughout Australia and New Zealand. CHA was founded in 1988 as an association of pediatric teaching clinics and has a long tradition of supporting pediatric clinics and pediatric care as well as exchanging and studying best practices among caregivers.

We have been working under the name "Children's Healthcare Australasia" since 2011 for the entire travel of patients through the healthcare system. It is our goal to improve the well-being and well-being of all those who need treatment in hospitals, including youngsters. It is our aim to assist all member organizations to offer maximum assistance to minors and their family.

At CHA, we understand that although each and every one of our activities is different, there are similar issues faced by management and clinic staff working with childcare. Aware that the collective membership has the necessary skills to meet these shared issues and develop original answers. Therefore, our main concern is to help paediatric ministry leaders and practitioners connect, exchange knowledge and exchange best practices.

If a CHA healthcare provider enters, all CHA healthcare professionals and clinical staff members can gain full and complete visibility into a wide variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), personal network encounters and safe on-line fora. They facilitate encounter and interaction with persons with similar needs and responsibilites in other paediatric wards.

They are all driven by the same motivation: to make things better for kids and their family who need treatment in hospitals.

Child Health Network - Pediatrics

Childrens Healthcare Network (CHN) helps paediatricians deliver good health care throughout NSW. CHN's mission and aim is to ensure that all CHNs, wherever they reside, have easy and safe acces to the highest level of health care, as near as possible to the home. The CHN is subdivided into three areas - North, West and South.

Every area has a convention and a co-ordinator. CHN Paediatric Hospital Nurse Consultants, who work in community healthcare wards, are supporting them. CHN Pediatric Nurse Consultants offer technical knowledge, assistance and training to healthcare workers working in their wards. Every province also has a regional head of medicine who provides regional medicine experts and guidance.

Partnerships are being established in the north: the regions in the north are working together: Cooperation with the Südregion is based on partnership: Partnerships are being established in the West:

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