Christian Health Insurance

Health insurance for Christians

Find out why Medi-Share is not a Christian health insurance, but a Christian health office where the members share the medical costs. When you are in an independent situation like mine or simply looking for a Christian health insurance alternative, you should consider Medi-Share. Being Christians, we have a few alternatives to health insurance that behave very much like insurance, but with a few twists. Many names exist - health sharing plans, medical cost sharing, Christian health services, and more. There are hundreds of thousands of Christians who agree to share each other's medical bills and pray and encourage each other.

Ministries of Christian Health

Who are Christian health services? The Christian Ministries CHM is an accessible, scriptural and sympathetic health care expense management system for Christians in all 50 countries and around the globe. We are not a health insurance company, but the first and longest ministerial health department to invest more than $3.5 billion in our members' physician invoices.

The CHM is a membership-based, non-profit service through which several hundred thousand Christians volunteer to help meet each other's physician bill. Select from one of three programmes - Gold, Silver or Bronze - and join the Brother's Keeper programme to help keep you safe from disastrous healthcare bills. Keep your money safe with the Brother's Keeper programme. Member who is paying qualifying healthcare fees according to our guidelines should send their invoices to CHM along with a few basic form sheets.

Invoices are then split or refunded - usually by a cheque in the email. CHM's monetary presents (monthly cost) vary from $45 to $450 per month according to which programme you select and how many persons are in your orphanage. You can use our estimator to find out how much you can safe!

A New Testament orientation that Christians bear the burden of others (Galatians 6:2) is the basis for this charitable service for the distribution of health care outlays. The CHM is a 21 st centuries account of how members of the early Christian church divided to satisfy the needs of others (Acts 2 and 4). Since 1981, the members have divided the health care expenses among themselves.

CHM is not insurance as a health department. The CHM is a service and looks for ways to help its members. It is not a for-profit company. The members are Christians who live according to Bible principals and volunteer to join together to help each other cover our healthenses. The CHM company participates 100 per cent in all changes approved according to our guidelines.

Programme fees are the same regardless of your case histories; no need for physician analysis or testing. While CHM is not insurance, it is an accepted way of fulfilling the specific remit of the Health Act to cover health care expenses. The members are therefore not obliged to reimburse a fine for taking out CHM instead of health insurance.

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