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You can use the health plan dashboard to view or compare health plan information. Several health insurance companies Our Krankenhausversicherung covers you for all medical necessary processes with a Medicare Item Number in a participant Privatkrankenhaus. Your medical insurance does not cover you for Medicare article numberless or non Medicare article numbered treatments, so it is best to make sure that you are insured for the treatments you need.

Supplementary insurance is used to cover payments for non -Medicare related medical care products such as Every benefit for which you are insured has a fixed annual ceiling on how much you can cover, e.g. a health insurance can restrict people's expenditure on physical therapy to $300 per year or $200 for optics.

But unfortunately, just because your annual $300 on physio is your annual budget does not mean you get 100% of the bill until you reach $300. The health insurance companies disburse a certain amount for each individual stay, the so-called "discounts". Australia has over 36 different health insurance companies and a variety of different health insurance policies.

Every health insurance has different premium rates, different annual thresholds, different discounts and covers different types of service. Do not want to pay too much for a single insurance if you can get a cheaper scheme with better pay! And remember, if you move from one health insurance to another, you will not have to hold back waiting times for everything you have already covered with your current health insurance.

Queens Land Health Fund

There are four different types of optional extra, each of which can be combined with one of our hotel choices, or if you do not require hotel insurance, you can buy Young Extra insurance yourself. * Funded service is available for Australian Regional Health Group accredited service provider registration with the Queensland Country Health Fund and Bowen Therapists registration with the Bowen Association of Australia (BAA) or the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA).

# The services that are only payed for dentist article numbers, unless there is medical protection and all waiting times for stationary treatments have been met. # Prescriptions that are not under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), with the exception of birth control pills and articles that are normally available without a prescription, as well as medicines that are not authorized for Australian use.

For each order position, a copayment in the amount of the PBS General Patient Contribution is levied.

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