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Health insurance companies in comparison

Tips for comparing and selecting a health plan that simplifies the process. Just knowing a few things before you compare plans can make it easier. The plan comparison tool finds the best health insurance for someone like you. You can use an online quote tool to compare health insurance companies on the market. Supplementary Swiss Health Insurance can add additional coverage to the standard plans.

Comparing health insurance plans

Regular and comprehensive dentistry: Decide on an outpatient procedure for each exceedance of a call at a lower rate. Reducing your premiums by 15% by choosing Hong Kong hospitals in a semi-private room. Available for Hong Kong citizens only. Reducing your premiums by 10% by choosing Hong Kong hospitals in a semi-private room and homestay for most Chinese hospitals (with the exception of four high costs facilities).

Decide on co-insurance for outpatient care at a lower rate.

Netherlands Health Insurance for expats & undergraduates () (Comparison)

This page gives you an outline of the insurance companies available in the Netherlands. How do you compare the different insurances? In the " hospital " section of the filters, check the " free selection " box if you wish to specify your own institution and service supplier. Please be aware that most health insurance companies (without the free selection option) have an ample selection of clinics from which you can make your selection.

Choose the co-payment. Higher deductibles lead to lower premiums, but also have some drawbacks. Choose the desired additional insurance, such as tooth insurance, physical therapy or insurance abroad. Tooth insurance: provides cover for dentistry up to a certain amount / percent. Physical therapy: includes a certain number of physical therapy sessions per year.

Foreign insurance: Although your Netherlands health insurance already provides cover for urgent health services abroad up to your Netherlands rates, treatment in other jurisdictions may be more costly and you will have to cover part of the bill yourself. Please note: Each times you choose a specific filtering option, the comparator will find the lowest priced healthcare provider in your particular case and arrange them by month rate.

After you have filled in the filtering possibilities, read the results with an outline of all available health insurance funds. All of them are ordered by month. Click ing Continue will take you to the health care provider's page where you can enter your details and select the health insurance company you want.

After the application, you will get your insurance application and insurance voucher within a few working hours. Please note: Some health insurance companies have their own page for English-speaking clients. Pay attention to the comparison: How does the Netherlands health care system work? When you work in the Netherlands, you must apply for Grundversicherung.

Also if you have a part-time employment or a remunerated traineeship. Netherlands legislation requires that all Netherlands citizens (including those with a residency permit) are at least covered by insurance for primary insurance (basisverzekering in Dutch). You have four month from the date you receive your Burger Service Number (BSN) to claim health insurance.

There is already a very comprehensive range of health insurance products in the base insurance plan, which is more or less the same for all health insurers. Primary health insurance provides primary health insurance, such as Nursing and other health services, surgery and treatment by general practitioners such as plastic surgery specialists, pediatricians, cardiologists as well as ophthalmologists.

After taking out your primary insurance, you must first cover the co-payment (Dutch: own risico) up to 385 euros. The insurance will not refund any further expenses until you have already payed the amount. There is no need to cover the retention for your family doctor or health insurance coverage.

Every three months an insurance fee has to be payed to the insurance comany. In 2018, the median monthly health insurance contribution will be around 105 euros. Of course, the insurance premiums will be increased or reduced according to your wishes and the coverage you choose. Foreigners with ( part-time ) employment are often eligible for the "zorgtoeslag", a health insurance benefit provided by the Netherlands state.

The subsidy will help you cover the cost of your health insurance in the Netherlands. Do I have to take out health insurance in the Netherlands? If you are not sure whether it is compulsory for you to take out health insurance in the Netherlands, e.g. if you are a college or college student. However, if you are not sure whether it is compulsory for you to take out health insurance in the Netherlands, you can take out a health insurance policy in the Netherlands. In the above table, all insurance carriers and their respective premium payments for the universal service are shown (by default).

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