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Well, I know which plans I'd like to compare. Individual health insurance plans and offers available in Fiji. Avoid huge insurance premiums + tax benefits. Explore the maps and compare coverage and costs before you sign up, or download our free mobile app.

Health Insurance of the Australian Unit

As soon as you have purchased the Overseas Visitors Cover online at Australia Unity, we will immediately send you a mail by e-mail certifying your health insurance information. It may be necessary for you to send this document together with your passport request. When you apply for a work permit with the local authorities, it is important that you meet the requirements for health insurance.

Australia Unity's work permit insurance fulfils the requirements for the following visas: You should avoid the risks of expensive doctor's fees even if you are not required to have health insurance for your visas. Australia Unity provides insurance coverage from budget to premium, so you can be sure to find insurance that suits your needs.

Check the international health insurance | Travel health insurance

We' ve got the health insurance for you abroad. Contact us > The choice of the right health insurance policy is crucial for expatriates. When you live or work abroad, you need good annual health care services, as well as good health insurance and health care services. Abroad, you need to have an insurance policy to protect you against all contingencies as an ex-pat.

Whilst your health is of paramount importance, when you' re moving you may not have enough sparetime to plan your move and look for the best offer for overseas health insurance, so we have made it simple to compare your health care internationally. With a long history of reputable health insurance companies, you can be sure that the company you select is dependable, with a policy that fits you and your ancestors.

Hospital and health care standards abroad can differ greatly, so it's important that you can not only buy health care abroad, but also have a good selection of physicians and choose the specialists you want to see in a convenient and tidy environment. Health care is often ignored by new emigrants, but even if you are in good health, you need health insurance to protect you against all contingencies, such as an accident beyond your reasonable means.

When you are not insured, you will find here many outstanding health insurance offers from major health insurance companies for your reference - it is worthwhile to put the huge economic risks of health care abroad into the capable hands of a reliable and knowledgeable insurance company, even for brief stays abroad.

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