Compare Health Insurance Plans

You can compare health insurance plans

The comparison of different health insurance companies is easier with the help of Medical Mutual. Tips for comparing and reviewing plan types side-by-side. See the types of health insurance companies. We compare a selection of trustworthy health insurance companies. The April logo of the British health insurance company.


Health insurance covers your health insurance for inpatient care in a particular case. As a rule, any health care provided under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) can be insured through privately held MBS. A number of benefits not mentioned, such as extracorporeal cosmetics surgeries or lasersurgery, can only be partially or not at all catered for.

A lot of guys pick hospitals because you can: Supplementary insurance covers outpatient care that is usually not paid for by health insurance, such as dentistry, spectacles, contact lens and physical therapy. We have a large selection of options from which you can select to make sure that you are protected for the things you are likely to use.

Your choice of extra features will define the range of offered products and how much you can use for each year.

Regardless of whether you are paying for your policies once a week or once a year, any premiums not used will be refunded.

Regardless of whether you are paying for your policies once a week or once a year, any excess will be refunded. When you have not yet taken out personal health insurance, the amount of your health insurance contributions increases by 2% per year. There are certain types of service that are not included in my Medicare, such as dental, optical, psychological, and non-PBS pharmaceuticals. Up to 1.5% additional tax will be levied if you exceed a certain level without having health insurance.

Information on health insurance, advice and guidelines for Australians

Impartial counseling and review to help you select the right health insurance. Are you tired of taking out cost-intensive and inexpensive health insurance? Submit our request for an independant investigation into Australian health insurance and we will hand it over to the Minister of Health. Limited health insurance for members and former members of educational trade union organisations and their family.

Bupa Australia was established in 1947 and is part of the Bupa Group, an internationally active group providing health and nursing solutions in more than 190 different markets. Medibank, established in 1976, is now one of Australia's biggest health insurance companies. Limited member health insurance for staff of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and their family. This is a non-profit health insurance scheme for individual persons and jobs that also fosters the well-being of staff.

GMHBA is a membership-based, non-profit health insurance company formed in 2009 by GMHBA. Reciprocal non-profit organization formed in 1937 in South Australia. The HCI is a non-profit, member-operated health insurance company formed in 1938. A pure on-line health care funds held by the GMHBA, the Australia non-profit health care group. Limited member health insurance for present and former members of a care and midwife association and their family.

Since 1929, a non-profit, member-managed health insurance company has been in existence. Reciprocal non-profit health insurance company founded in 1953 for the iron and steel industries. Limited member health insurance for staff of law enforcement agencies and trade union organisations and their entitled members of the immediate family. The RT Health is a non-profit health foundation for transportation and power workers and their family.

The company is held by the non-profit RT Health Foundation and was formed in 1888, initially for streetcar operators. The TUH Health Funds is a limited-entry health insurance scheme open to former and current members of a trade union and their family. HCF was created in 1932 and is Australia's biggest non-profit health care group. NIB, formed 60 years ago, provides health insurance to more than one million Australians.

WA is a non-profit health insurance company that was formed in 1941 in WA and has nearly one million members at the national level. On-line health insurance company that started 40 years ago in the NSW region and is now held by Medibank Private. The Medical Health Foundation was created in 1977 to offer health insurance to health care workers and their family. It is a non-profit, climate-neutral health insurance company that was initially set up in 1954 in WA.

Founded in 1953, it is a non-profit health insurance company. This is a non-profit health care foundation founded in 1952 in Tasmania.

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