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Das U.S. Healthcare Certificate of Need Sourcebook. The CON laws of Alaska require a formal review process before certain projects can be promoted by health facilities. United States founding documents support the right to health care.

Certificates of Need (CON) laws - also known as DON - have a long history as a potential cost control solution. Interdisciplinary medical professionals are being brought together at this year's conference.


In the United States, a certificate of need (CON) is a juridical instrument needed in many states and some states before planned purchases, extensions or additions of entities are permitted. A CON is granted by a national or state regulator responsible for a territory to confirm that the scheme is necessary to meet the needs of a fellowship.

CON's initial design was in the healthcare sector and was first implemented into Swiss legislation in New York in 1964 and during the Richard Nixon government in 1972. To build healthcare institutions in 35 states, you need a certificate of need from government healthcare authorities:

Sometimes, where state and federated agencies intersect, ordinances may shift powers from the federation to the state agencies with simultaneous powers to issue a demand certification. It is not, however, necessary to postpone this power. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, for example, has enacted the following provision:

United States Healthcare Certification of Need Sourcebook. - A condition-based assessment of the certification of the necessity of laws, rules, jurisprudence and staff of the State Public Service of Health".

CON Certificate of Need State Laws

Qualified healthcare beds (Ala. Admin. Code r. 410-2-4-.03); For five years (2014) no extra hospital with medical-surgical or obstetric hospitalization is to be located. Home body hygiene service, optioid therapy programmes (W. Va. Code, 16-5Y-12), new qualified healthcare institutions or ICF/DD, interim or qualified healthcare supplements to current institutions (W. Va. Code, 16-2D-9).

Nationwide border for care beds (W.S.A. 150.21; W.S.A. 150.31). Government legislation on transparency and disclosure of health and hospital charges - 2014 update. Outpatient surgery center payment information now available - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (November 2006). Information on inpatient payment in hospital now available - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (August 2006).

Improve health care: The American Health Planning Associations : A leader in the transformation of the healthcare system: Georgia Health Policy Center and the National Network of Public Health Institutes. Advanced healthcare (January 2016). N.C. legislators are considering deregulation of the construction of health facilities. Association that represents the interests of outpatient surgery centres throughout Germany.

Cauchi, Health Program Manager, and Ashley Noble, Health Program Policies Officer.

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