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The AAMI content insurance offers novelty for the old replacement for everyday objects, flood protection and indicates the value of your special articles. Household insurance is designed to protect your most valuable assets. The contents insurance is an insurance that covers the damage or loss of a person's personal property while inside that person's home. We have three levels of coverage over both building coverage and content coverage. When you compare household insurance offers with us, find out what is covered by household insurance and how to find the right policy for you.

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Cover the losses and damages of the contents of your house, your garages and your shed due to fire, break-ins and bad weather conditions. Cover things in your home like your home TV or a home inheritance. Created by fire, burglary or meteorological phenomena such as flooding, windstorms, lightning, bush fires, earth quakes, a tsunami - and even meteors!

From your contents to your sum assured within certain bounds. Until 10% of your content sum assured. *When your content is corrupted or lost by an insurance case. If you need to make a content insurance claim, your personal account manager will take every detail from start to finish.

The coverage of your belongings should not be costing you the Earth, so here are some intelligent ways to make less payments on your Contents Insurance premium. Purchase your home and contents insurance at the same price and make savings. You can raise your deductible and lower your bonus with AAMI Flexi-Premiums®. Paying your premiums on an annual basis means you don't get to spend as much as paying in installments.

Well, that's not very actuarial.

Give us your data and the kind of household insurance you want.

Give us your data and the kind of household insurance you want. As soon as you have found a suitable insurance you can buy it here. If you have any queries, please contact one of our trustworthy partner who will be pleased to help you. Do you need household insurance? Do you have any queries about your bonus, list of event or policies?

You can contact one of our trustworthy partner companies.

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To ensure that these objects are covered when you take them home, you must include an option of adding a Personally Effective Covers to your insurance policies; you can select one or both of two coverage types: Not specified individual effects: This is a wearable item not included in your guideline or included as a separate item.

For a group of objects that have been mutilated or loss in a particular insurance case, you must specify a limit of indemnity: $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, or $5,000. Specific personality effects: This is a wearable item that is specified in your guideline with custom description and value or shown as a separate item. If you wish to receive an extra insurance contribution, you can include one or both of the above mentioned insurances for your belongings in your insurance policies.

This can be done when you receive an offer and purchase a policy or - or if you have already purchased one - by phoning us at 1800 182 310 or log into your on-line bank and edit your insurance. Please be aware that some personal effects, such as cell telephones and laptop computers, are only included in the insurance if they are either accidentally destroyed or destroyed in your home as a result of an insurance claim.

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