Corporate Private Medical Insurance

Private health insurance for companies

The Group Policy provides private health insurance (PMI) for you and your employees. Allow us to analyse the health insurance market and design a plan tailored to your business. No doubt, illness or other medical problems affecting your employees can affect productivity and lead to lost revenue. Private Healthcare Company Limited is an independent health insurance broker with clients throughout the UK and abroad.

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+ Unless otherwise stated, the occupational accident insurance and the basic insurance for the infirmary are excluded. * In the event of new members in new membership who have not taken out Medibank insurance in the last 60 calendar days and who join and commence Medibank Corporate Hospitals and Flexxi Extras insurance during the promotion term (from 1 January 2019 to 28 February 2019).

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healthcare trusts

The Group Policy provides private health insurance (PMI) for you and your team. Premiums are payable by the employers, with costs subtracted from profit before taxes. Why should you decide for Group PMI? Our many years of insurance expertise and our close relationship with insurance companies enable us to find the right coverage at a price that fits you.

Trusts are a versatile option for large companies that pay more than 250,000 for PMI coverage each year. What makes you think you can opt for healthy trusts? One of the UK's most rapidly expanding employer benefit programmes, our healthy money plan reimburses a number of daily medical expenses. So why select healthy money plan?

The dental insurance is becoming more and more beloved as an employer's benefit. What makes you think you should opt for dentistry? Coverage is available at a price that fits your organization and is checked every year. First we will ask you if you have coverage, ask for a copy of your recent extension notification and consult with you about any past or present damage.

When you are new to PMI, we need to know the date of each person's birthday, the zip codes and some idea which coverage areas are a top priorities for you.

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