Critical Illness Insurance

serious illness insurance

Grab Critical Illness Cover to protect you and your family. Purchase insurance for critical illness online: Check premium & cover of the best Critical Illness insurance policy to get cover against critical health problems. The Critical Illness insurance provides a lump sum cash benefit to cover the costs associated with qualifying medical conditions. At the moment you are diagnosed with a critical illness, your life changes.

How is insurance against serious illnesses?

The Critical Illness Cover may provide you with a fixed amount if you are found to have or are suffering from a specific critical illness such as cancers, strokes or serious cardiac conditions such as a myocardial infarction or chronic cardiac insufficiency that requires bypass treatment, and you live for 30 consecutive business days. Critical Illness Cover may also provide you with a fixed amount of compensation if you are found to have a critical illness such as cancers, strokes or serious cardiac conditions that require bypass treatment. A Simple Life insurance plan allows you to purchase between $30,000 and $200,000 of Critical Illness covers in steps of $10,000.

As an example, you can buy $80,000 of Critical Illness covered, but you can't buy $75,000 for it. Your chosen amount of coverage is referred to as the benefits of the serious health insurance and is listed in your insurance plan. The flat-rate service is payable once only. Combine serious health insurance with other simple life insurance, such as life insurance and total and long-term disability (TPD) insurance, or purchase it as a stand-alone insurance plan.

What did you cover? | Major disease protection

The Critical Illness Cover is engineered to provide a return on investment when you have been or are being treated for one of the specified critical illness (s) that we provide for the duration of your insurance and you live 14 clear days from the date of it. The following is a full listing of the critical diseases that are catered for.

Usually these titles use medicinal terminology to describe the critical illness, but in some cases coverage may be restricted. As an example, some kinds of cancers are not covered and in order to make a claim on some diseases, you must have persistent manifestations. In case you already have a serious health insurance with us, you will find the complete insurance policies and definition available to you in your initial insurance documentation.

Critical illness for which you are already insured may differ from those below. We offer extra coverage for the carcinoma in-situ of the breast and inferior prostatic cancers. That means if you fulfil our definition we will disburse 25% of your policy up to a limit of £25,000.

These benefits do not influence your coverage or the premium you have paid.

Progress in medical science and engineering is continually altering our conventional view of critical diseases. As an example, not all kinds of all cancers are insured by this insurance and in order to be eligible for some diseases, you must have persistent signs. Below is a listing of the specified critical diseases listed in our latest guidelines.

Where the insured has a critical illness, it must be examined by a healthcare professional who has an appointed consultation with a UK healthcare provider and whose area of expertise we reasonably consider appropriate for the critical illness. Note that the headline of any critical illness is just a guideline for what is covered.

For further information on how we will review your request, such as the full definition that we will use and the supporting documentation that we will need, please refer to the General Business Practices that will be sent to you at the outset of your insurance with you.

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