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How do you feel about eHealthInsurance? In all fifty states you can take out health insurance. First name: former health insurance company, incl. As with eHealth, HealthMarkets also competes with the life and health insurance industry. Modify the date range, chart type, and compare eHealth, Inc.

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eHealth, Inc. is America's first and biggest privately held healthcare insurance marketing site, established in 1997. Its website, (formerly, provides information on rates for various types of insurance and allows users to request insurance on-line. eHealth retains its licence to commercialize and resell medical insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with 100's of licenced representatives in all 50 states and D.C. eHealth also provides a broad selection of medical insurance from over 180 insurance providers and more than 10,000 medical insurance product offerings. eHealth, Inc. was established in 1997 and its technologies were instrumental in the first Internet-based sales of medical insurance.

eHealth, Inc. is based in Mountain View, California. In 2016, the Board of Directors of eHealth also named Scott Flanders, a member of the Company's Board of Directors since 2008, Chief Executive Officer and Ellen Tauscher, a member of the Company's Board of Directors since 2012, Independent Chairman of the Non-Executive Supervisory Board.

The former CEO, Gary Lauer, changed as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, but remained a consultant until the end of 2016. eHealth is one of the few privately held corporations that operates in partnerships with the various state healthcare insurance markets established under the Patient Protection and Affordability Act. eHealth was involved in policy-making on healthcare insurance matters.

Testimonials, articles and correspondence to governments published by eHealth are available on-line on the website of the mother organisation. 4 ] The Group has published a number of research papers on the various healthcare insurance and healthcare savings account market segments, which are available on its website. The Medicare is a government-funded medical insurance plan for individuals 65 years of age or older or disabled individuals under the Social Security Act for two years or longer.

People with medical care often receive a prescriptive medication schedule. It is often included in a Medicaid Advantage Scheme for which individuals are entitled when they are new to Medicaid, when they move to a new area, or yearly during the yearly registration deadline between October 15th and December 7th of each year. eHealth stores, among various eHealth sites, offer different Medicaid schemes such as Medicaid Advantage, Medicaid Supplement and Prescriptions for Medicines (PDP).

eHealth GoMedigap,[7], purchased an eHealth GoMedigap in 2018, an online user recruitment and integration tool designed for Medicare supplementary insurance. Resulting from this deal, GoMedigap has become a 100% subsidiary of eHealth, Inc. eHealth purchased the domain[9] in 2014 as part of its entry into the Medicare biopharmaceutical industry.

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