Emergency Medical Insurance

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Which medical costs abroad are covered by the travel insurance? Cover-More travel insurance can help you at any time of the day and from anywhere if you have a medical emergency on your trip. Some examples of why you need emergency medical coverage. In an emergency it offers important medical benefits. A perfect plan for those who need primary health care in the event of sudden illness or injury.

Emergency Overseas Medical Care - 1Coverage

Travelling is not always trouble-free yachting. That' s why we have 24/7 emergency medical care to help you whenever you need it. Medical emergency evac. Medical evacuations of seriously ill or wounded 1Cover travelers are organized. Accompanying medical personnel. You will also be accompanied by medical practitioners and nursing staff who will be able to supervise your medical conditions and offer you all the help you need.

Medical emergency recirculation. On request, we can organise the return of a Australian or non-Australian citizen to his or her home state. Medicinal assistance. We have a comprehensive medical assistance hotline from clinic to clinic or from clinic to home or care center. *Applicable are the requirements, limitations and exclusion.

Under no circumstances will we cover medical evacuation, burial service or incineration or repatriation of your belongings to Australia, unless our staff has given their prior approval. If you refuse to comply immediately with the medical advise we have obtained, we will not make any payment and we will not cover any medical, institutional or medical costs incurred later.

The Medivac and Republic is for transatlantic use only. There is no charge for medical evacuation or transport of your belongings from Australia to another state. The general business regulations, limitations and exclusion are valid. If I get sick or injured abroad, what happens? 1Coverage provides emergency medical care anywhere in the globe, 24 hrs a day, 365 a year.

For emergencies, you can call our medical support staff to help you with any medical issues that may arise. Do I have to surrender my pass when I am hospitalized? Be sure to copy your identity card when travelling abroad. Emergency help is available around the clock, 365 a year.

Our itinerary insurance is conceived to offer protection against familial emergency. Our insurance covers 35 already existent diseases with our own insurances. In Asia, medical institutions may differ from what you are used to at home. Find out more about security issues when travelling in Asia. If you are travelling to the USA, it is imperative that you take out insurance.

Staying in hospitals and taking prescription drugs can be very costly.

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