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The Family Health Station Ellensburg is a private medical clinic with a focus on family doctors and paediatrics. From obstetrics to dental care and more, we offer services for your entire family. The Mountainside Family Healthcare ist eine Ambulanz des Sitka Community Hospital. Torquay, Victoria, The Quay Family Healthcare. General practitioner, dentist and consultant who welcomes newborns in old age.

Reservation & Charges | | Gungahlin Family Healthcare

Dates: Deliberations are reserved every 15 minutes and are by arrangement only. Every date is valid for one people. When you have other family members who need health care, please make a reservation for them separately. Dates can be until 19.00 on working days and some Saturday dates are possible, please get in touch with the center.

Cancelations and postponements need a lead time of at least 4hrs. So we can make the date available to another needy person. Failure to notify us in a timely manner may result in your balance being debited a date charge. You may not be given another date until your balance is cleared if an open balance is due to a failed date or delayed cancelation.

Pressing appointments: Provide the receptionist with a clear and precise description of the type of incident. Remember also that you may have to delay your arrival longer than normal for same days arrivals. Dates are also billed private. Payments are made on the consulting date and can be made in cash, EFTPOS or by credit or debit transfer (except Diners cards).

Mass invoicing is possible for under 16s and for those holding healthcare and retirement IDs. Patient without the above tickets will receive a personal charge. Patient without Medicare number will be billed privat. The patient must give a case number to the reception desk at the moment of the visit.

If the WorkCover claim number is not current, either the client's or the client's employer must provide reimbursement for healthcare at the point of use. If you wish, we can get in touch with your employers for a telephone refund by bank transfer. Paul Gooding and Kristin McMahon are seconding physicians.

Each consultation and procedure will be invoiced on a private basis. Andina Banjera also only mass billing between 10 and 17 o'clock on working days all other consultation are charged private. He calculates private before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. on days of the week and the whole saturday. The standard consultation fee from Monday to Friday is $85.00 (Medicare discount $37.05).

The long consultation fee is $140.00 (Medicare discount $71.70). There is an additional long consultation fee of $255.00 (Medicare discount $105.55). The Gungahlin Family Healthcare is normally shut on all bank holiday days.

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