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Finding an insurer

The purpose of this recommendation service is to help you find a list of property insurers who offer certain products. Look below for an insurer or an insurance product. Australia's Insurance Council has a Find a Insurer tool on its website to help consumers find insurers who offer the products they need. This is a recommendation service that helps you find a list of non-life insurers that offer certain products. Some of them you can contact to check their prices.

Finding an insurer

The purpose of this recommendation is to help you find a listing of property and casualty companies that sell certain types of property and casualty insurances. Look below for an insurer or an assurance policy. You can also explore our complete category listing. However, please be aware that the Council cannot give individual or expert guidance. The purpose of this recommendation is only to give general information.

In order to find an insurer or a kind of insurer, just enter your keyword in the box below. Choose a catagory or insurer from the drop-down menus, or click on " Find " to view a result listing. Materials on this website are for general information only and do not constitute a complete listing of Australian available companies and insurances.

Information provided by the ICA does not represent any form of consultation or approval of any insurer or insurerroduct. Any insurer on this website may not offer a particular item in all regions of Australia. Certain underwriters may also offer certain types of services only through an underwriter.

To verify this information, please consult an insurer or agent. When you purchase one of these items, all agreements are made with the insurer, not with ICA.

Find an insurer

Australasia has more than 100 reinsurers and reinsurers licensed by the Australia Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to write new and renewals in Australia. Each of these underwriters has contracts with different exclusion, condition, cost and coverage requirement. NIBA, the National Association of Insurances Brokers, provides a need-a-broker services to help individuals and companies find a qualified NIBA agent.

Knowing your own levels of exposure will help you find the best coverage for you. There is a need to recall that the least expensive policies are not necessarily the most appropriate for your needs.

Get a consultant on CGU insurance.

The CGU works directly with third-party insurers to help you find the right coverage for your needs. What is the point of hiring an independant insurer? Exactly like an bookkeeper or attorney who advises you professionally, a skilled and knowledgeable insurer can do the same with your policy. A consultant can help you evaluate your risk and suggest which policy best suits your needs.

Insurers have expert insight into the nature of the insurer and the product best for you. Working with a locally based supplier makes things easier and more efficient. If possible, the insurers will also help you safe your life. Underwriters know what kind of coverage is most important to the individuals and the company given the particularities.

Consultants can provide added value to your company by knowing the needs of a particular sector, profession and market. In the event of an unexpected event, our consultants are at your side to assist you in the best possible claims handling and to help you with this. I' ll have an insurer do it: Collaborate with you to better grasp your unique needs and create a tailor-made coverage for your home, company, real estate or operation.

Stay there when you need it - be proactive in controlling the claim handling so you don't have to be afraid. Guides you through the entire assurance procedure. Choosing the right policy for yourself or your company is something you want to get right. You can use our Find an Adviser utility to find a locally based insurer who can help you today.

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