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Locate your clinic and apply for the amount needed to cover your treatment. With health insurance, you can save money on visits to the doctor, prescriptions, medication, prevention and other health services. Are you looking for a participating network doctor or healthcare provider at your location? Care delivery and customer service role. Use the search function below to find a person who meets your needs.

Coverage for Foreign Visitors - Find a Healthcare Company

When you have extra insurance, most of the extra suppliers you have visited (including clinicians, opticians, physical practitioners and ergotherapists ) provide the HICAPS damage device. Your Australia Unity member pass can be used to cash in on the ground. Extra insurance allows you to take advantage of healthcare amenities such as general dentistry, optics and accupuncture.

Finding a supplier Finding physicians, medical experts and medical personnel

GU Medical Gap is our recently re-named GU Medical Gap specialists to keep your costs down. Whitecoat, as we upgrade our ecosystem, allows you to find a doctor such as a dental surgeon, physiotherapist or midwife near you. Whitecoat what? Learn more about Whitecoat.

While we expect most vendors to remain in the GU Health Marketing Global Health Care Global on the same footing as our prior program, be sure to do so. Whatever your participation in our missing parts management system, our company will show you a number of healthcare workers near you.

Please use our partners' lists of privately owned clinics to find a clinic that has an arrangement with GUĀ Health. The Grand United Corporate Heath Limited (GU Health) ABN 99 002 985 033 is a fully licensed medical insurance company. An affiliate of ABN 51 125 633 856, held by ABN 51 125 633 856, held by ABN 51 125 633 856. Grand United Corporate Health Ltd 2018.

Locate a physician, family physician, dentist, or health care professional near you.

The HealthEngine is Australia's biggest on-line healthcare marketing place and is changing the way Australians gain and use healthcare delivery. Our aim is to improve the availability of healthcare to all Australians by increasing information and technological availability and eventually enhancing the healthcare service delivery experiences. With the HealthEngine you can quickly and easily find and book your healthcare appointment now.

Every months, we help more than 1.5 million people contact over 13,000 doctors and make appointments immediately.

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