General Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

The general liability insurance offers protection against customer injuries, property damages of third parties and lawsuits. The general liability is also referred to as "Business Liability Insurance" or "Commercial General Liability" (CGL) insurance. The general liability insurance protects small businesses from claims for personal injury, related medical costs and property damage. The General Liability Insurance is a corporate insurance policy that applies to most entrepreneurs because it protects them from third-party claims. The general liability cover can help to cover costs associated with out-of-court settlements, litigation and court judgments if your company is involved in a court case.

Safeguard your company from liability claim.

The General Liability Insurance (GL), often also known as your General Liability Insurance, is a cover that can cover you against a wide range of liability issues, covering physical injuries, material damages, physical injuries and others that may arise from your operation. The offers of the general liability insurance usually include: Find out how these covers help small companies and how much you want to consider for your own one-of-a-kind exposure.

What general liability insurance do I need? The general liability insurance is often paired with the non-life insurance in a BOP (Business Owners Policy), but is also available to many agents as independent cover under the Progressive Advantage Programs. If you are an entrepreneur or small entrepreneur, you need a type of public liability insurance to secure your living.

One good way to prevent this is to ensure that you have liability insurance that suits your risk levels. Certain employer or customers may also ask you to pay a certain amount of general liability before you can work for them. When you are a supplier, you may only want a general liability - not a complete BOP.

You do not, for example, own industrial premises that need non-life insurance, or need to provide coverage for wage and salary accounting or other operational outlays. Nevertheless, your work exposes you to liability risk. Possibly you are entitled to a general liability insurance, without the additional coverage in a BOP, through the Progressive Advantage Business Program.

For qualified subcontractors we provide a general liability insurance as well as a lump-sum supplementary insurance. The lump sum supplementary insurance expands your current liability insurance to other companies as some employer policies require. For 2017, the Progressive Advantage Business Program's general liability insurance costs averaged $52 per month, which is only an estimate and not necessarily what you will be paying for.

The tariff you pay will depend on the characteristics of your company. Learn more about the costs of general liability insurance, the insurance evaluation drivers and savings advice to help you find the best value and coverage for your company. The general liability is available together with other covers in a BOP issued under the Progressive Advantage Program.

When you need to safeguard things such as your company's own belongings or your own industrial building such as a garage or storeroom, you may need the extra protection provided by a BOP. Where is the distinction between a claim and an event type of cover?

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