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"'My deregistration debate for the medical records is gonna be silly, but it's the government's fault." Several people believe that private health insurance will give them access to better care in the private system. If you live in Australia, should you take out private health insurance?

WHEN you consider purchasing a private health insurance policy, you are holding back. Morgan Stanley, an Australian consultant, has said that the quality of Australian hospitals is now so good that good Australians no longer have to join a health insurance company. Morgan Stanley's 63-page analyst, Adelaide Nowhas. News Corp.'s received Investmentbank reports indicated that "many today consider free government hospitals to be sufficient civil protection.

" There was also a legend about the assertion that the private health insurance companies are indispensable to reduce the pressures on the waitlists of official health care providers. It was prepared by the EIB to provide advice to customers considering investments in health insurance companies and government clinics. The daily Australians who are tired of bearing extra expenses and turning back to government clinics.

Morgan Stanley's forecast is that health insurance coverage will decline further, putting downward pressures on private clinics, but says government clinics will be able to meet demands. "According to the study, our assessment indicates that, under a current situation, the government could well manage the surplus supply created by an elderly populace and declining private involvement in the healthcare sector".

Individuals who are resentful buyers of health insurance, "will be better off to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge than to buy insurance," the study says. It referred to the investments made in publicly -owned clinics and to the change in attitude towards bookings for optional operations in publicly -owned clinics. While private health insurance numbers are dropping, she says it's case for the federal system to undeviating any of the $6 large integer it is spending on financing subsidizing insurance companies on behalf of pubic medical facilities that are facing greater request.

Could the state system take up private demands? Rachel David, head of Private Healthcare Australia, says that the notion that the government could cope with the increased hospital demands due to the demographic aging was " false and very naïve". "Privately owned clinics are effective vendors of selective surgeries because they function as "focused factories" and are high-efficiency and get through many more cases in a single registry than the state system," she said.

Waiting periods for optional surgeries in pubic hospital can last up to years and the pubic system can't quickly deal with sports injury, food problems, obesity, chronic serious fears and depressive disorder, she said. Stanley warns its customers not to invest in the healthcare industry after the number of Health Funds members has declined and private clinics are under increasing strain.

According to the review, individuals are already throwing private health insurance companies at the door of government clinics, with falling numbers likely to persist.

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