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You can save time, money and energy by applying for GHI Health Insurance through Vista Health Solutions. Please visit the Aetna Plan page for information on the Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI) Plan. However, you should be aware that it costs more than general health insurance. Find out more about GHI health insurance plans, get free instant quotes, compare coverage options with all major providers, and apply online. Health emblem (Connecticare, GHI and HIP plans).

Medical Insurance Information & Resources for our Members

Dial the customer service number for your schedule. In your Membership Manual, you'll learn how your plan's cover works to get the healthcare you need and keep your pockets full. This is a short, easy-to-understand synopsis of the most important things you need to know about your plans.

Below are some important facts that will help you to be an educated healthcare professional. Attempt to search this glossary of healthcare terminology. Information and updating on health reforms. Gain instant messaging on member newsletter, update, notifications, and fast link that will help you navigate your maintenance. Receive health memories and new information here.

Find out more about behavioural health, your advantages and where you can turn. Find a physician, clinic, or other health facility near you. Our aim is to ensure that you always receive the right treatment. Therefore we ask you to participate in our health questionnaire. They can carry out the poll on-line.

After logging in, choose "Health Assessment" from the "Manage Your Health" group. It is also possible to conduct this poll by telephone. View the large selection of maps created specifically for you. Comparison of planning characteristics or simple checking of your actual performance. Find out more about our pension schemes for government workers, non-Medicare and Medicare pensioners and their family.

Let our health insurance companies take good look after you - so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.


EmblemHealth in February 2016 announces a new alliance with the New York Municipal Labor Committee and the New York Municipal to facilitate greater accessibility to health care[15] The alliance is also designed to help the New York Municipality achieve its objective of reducing healthcare costs for New York taxpayers[16] With a heavy emphasis on prevention and basic health needs - such as $0 copies and remote medical supplies - Emblem has worked with the New York Municipality and its trade union organizations to create new, affordable health options for New York Municipality staff and their family.

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