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The Global Medical Insurance is an international health insurance for the health care of expatriates. An international health and health insurance policy for Swiss emigrants and anyone seeking comprehensive and high-quality health protection. The Allianz Cares International Health Insurance provides the world's leading health insurance for employees, individuals and their families. AXA overseas health insurance plans, you will see a number of global plans that are perfectly suited for use abroad. Global health insurance for expatriates.

Life health insurance abroad

Longitudinal ( 1+ year), annual renewal, global, comprehensive health insurance programme for individual and family members. To be a Global Citizen can be an exhilarating adventure, but it also has inherent implications. Global Medical Insurance, a groundbreaking International Medical Group (IMG®) programme, gives you the global medical care you need, backed by the world-class service you want.

With Global Medical Insurance, you can make a choice from a variety of planning choices, adjust your duration and cover, and make a choice from a variety of retention and method of pay. Looking at your medical records, the programme offers various ways of extending medical care to you that can be rejected by other businesses.

IMG gives you the peace of mind that we have our own insurance division working to keep your insurance as cheap as possible. Part of this commitment, IMG is offering a Medical Concierge Programme, an unprecedented level of services that will save you the cost of out-of-pocket medical services. If you choose some of the best medical institutions outside the U.S., we also provide a bar inducement and a 50% waiver on your excess. You need the right global cover provided by a business that is there for you when you need us most.

By choosing Global Medical Insurance, IMG promises to provide outstanding medical services, medical help and support - everything you need to offer Global Peace of Mind®. It is available to individual persons and family of all nationality. US residents must be planning to reside outside the USA on or before their entry into force and extension date for at least six (6) of the next 12 month period.

Supplementary entitlements are available to non-U.S. residents. Individuals aged 14 to 74 can claim insurance and the insurance ends at 75. Individuals aged 75 and over are not insured. Lifelong medical care is available if you are accepted into the programme until your 65-year anniversary and continue to receive care up to the age of 75.

Before your75th birthday, you will be sent a benefit overview for a new Global Senior Plans® and an insurance registration sheet. There'?s no supplemental medical writing. All you have to do is check the advantages and fill out and send back the registration sheet with your reward immediately. In order to submit an offer for this scheme, please fill in the on-line registration request by pressing "Request offer".

You must submit a special request for relatives who are 19 years of age or older. They must fill in all the details described in the request in order to be eligible for cover. In the event of approval, you will be provided with a completion set that contains an identity document, an insurance statement, and a certificate wording that contains a full account of the services, exemptions, and conditions of the scheme.

It is your responsibility to inform the IMG, in accordance with the provisions of the Schedule, if you or any member of your immediate dependant's household is suffering or being taken care of for any reason between the date of your claim and the date of issue of the Certificates. Failure to approve your request will result in a full reimbursement of the award obtained from IMG.

In order to guarantee your contentment, once you have been included in the scheme, we will offer you a 15-day free look cycle to verify cover. If, during this 15-day notice you become aware that for any reasons you are not happy with the Schedule, you may send IMG a letter requesting that your Award be cancelled and fully refunded.

Browse our data base for medical, dentistry and other healthcare professionals. "Even though one never hoped to take out a trip insurance, IMG was a gift from gods during our torture. Without your further support we would not have made it", this IMG stood behind me.

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