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The Golden Rule of Health Insurance

10 golden rules of private health insurance. A United Healthcare unit, Golden Rule has no problem taking your money for their short-term health insurance. Request Arizona Vision Insurance from Golden Rule Insurance Company. Golden Rule United Healthcare offers individual and family health insurance - affordable medical care & insurance directly and online from our agency. obey the golden rule and you will find security.

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A. M. Best awarded Golden Rule Insurance Company an "A" (Excellent) rating. Reliable and safe on-line offer and job applications processing. Chart 4: Reliable and safe on-line offer and bidding procedures. Do you need cover now? Do not go undetected as you search for your long-term health insurance. A short duration health insurance, also known as a short duration health insurance, can be a quick, adaptable insurance option for your cover shortfall.

Permanent insurance for hospitals and doctors will pay a certain amount of money if you get certain health care from them. Supplementary payments are made independently of other insurances and can help to cover health care expenses out of your pockets. Please request a quotation or call 1-800-273-8115 for cost, benefit, exclusions, restrictions, authority, waits and extension conditions.


The Golden Rule Insurance is a United Healthcare Insurance Firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, that has been providing insurance to individual and family members for more than 60 years. Providing a kind of health insurance known as the Health Insurance Accrual (HSA), it was heavily implicated in the policy debates that resulted in the adoption of a bill that provided fiscal stimulus to those who open health insurance accruals, in additional to financing right-wing policymakers such as Newt Gingrich, to combat wider reforms. ( was created by Golden Rule in April 2007 to provide general, in-depth information about health saving schemes so that customers can better understand health saving schemes and how they work. His Policy Activity Board has collected significant funding for Republic policy makers supporting health saving deposits. In 2003 Golden Rule became a UnitedHealthcare enterprise.

UnitedHealthcare' personal lines division, which comprises Golden Rule, PacifiCare, American Medical Security (AMS), MAMSI, Oxford Health Plans and UnitedHealthcare managed by Golden Rule, currently provides PPO health insurance and HMO solutions for consumers and family members in 40 states and the District of Columbia. 1981 The firm filed suit against the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the Illinois Department of Insurance alleging that the ETS audit for Illinois insurance representatives was discriminatory against members of minorities.

In the 1980s, Golden Rule used the biblical Golden Rule's slogan regarding attorneyship in the United States Congress for insurance benefits for those individuals who had been screened and submitted for HIV/AIDS testing. Golden Rule's dedicated advocate for this cause was Marla Stevens born Devendorf, a celebrity Indiana advocate for Indiana media.

The Golden Rule is strongly associated with the Federation of American Consumers and Travelers, a nonprofit group of consumers. Gold Rule Insurance has wasted campaigns fund on Gingrich and the GOP to benefit its Medicare saving accounts - and demolish Medicare.

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