Group Health Insurance Policy

Health group insurance

The group health insurance refers to a health insurance policy issued to a group belonging to a common organisation which covers all suitable employees. The Group Health Insurance is the Mediclaim Policy, which is mainly adopted by organizations for the benefit of employees. There are different categories of health insurance and group health insurance is planned for each company. Comprehend the features and benefits offered by group health insurance and look at the best policies that meet the health needs of your group. Entrepreneurs who know that employer-sponsored health insurance is an advantage really appreciate the employee.

Corporate health insurance schemes | Company health insurance cover

The health insurance companies of the group usually offer better insurance covers than the single plan. The reason for this is that your group or corporate insurance may contain insurance protection for already existent illnesses, while some insurance companies usually rule out already existent illnesses. This policy is known as the MHD ( Physical Historical Disregarded) policy. Insurance companies like to protect current terms in group insurance because they get good premium from the whole group.

For more information on group or occupational health insurance, please go to our new website on occupational health insurance today. Among other things, your group can be a business, a sport association or a welfare association. And we can provide you with health insurance policy rebates and adjust your cover for each group you suit. Group health insurance funds can provide a deductible to keep your premia low and minimise your planning management.

Consultants can customize your group (business) plans so that staff at different tiers can obtain alternate benefit and cover. You can adjust your group schedule to cover services such as dentistry, motherhood, accident, medevac and many others. When a member exits the group, many insurance companies allow him to switch to an individually tailored scheme and allow all preexisting illnesses to stay the same.

That is a major benefit for the policyholder. Groups of health insurers are not country-specific, so if a member moved to another state, the insurance would go with them. This relationship allows our advisors to manage the cover of staff around the globe with three or more group members.

This also allows us to grant substantial rebates on your plan in comparison to if you would go directly to the underwriters. Your group can be offered a tailor-made insurance offer. In order to get your quotation, just fill out the group request and we will get back to you within 24 working days to talk about your needs.

You can also take advantage of a variety of offers or search our free on-line quote search now.

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