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Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. mostly known as The Hartford, is an investment and insurance company based in the United States. Ratings, reviews, premium comparisons and car insurance discounts for Hartford (AARP) Auto Insurance. The Hartford Insurance Agent in AZ offers commercial insurance products such as general liability, commercial real estate, workers' compensation, business auto & more. Quotations, reviews, reviews and car insurance discounts for Hartford car insurance.


Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. is an insurance and securities firm domiciled in the United States. Hartford is a Fortune 500 corporation located in the eponymous town of Hartford, Connecticut,[2] In 2018, it was placed number 156 in the Fortune 500 segment[3] The company's revenues are distributed among general insurance, group services and unit trusts.

The 1875 Hartford Accident Insurance Co. postal card diary Hartford was established in 1810 in Hartford, Connecticut. At a Hartford restaurant, a group of locals assembled with working funds of $15,000 to form the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. Through the years, the corporation has outlived some of the greatest peace treatises in U.S. historical memory.

In 1835, after a major fire broke out in the New York Finance district, Eliphalet Terry, The Hartford's chairman, used his assets to pay for all the company's damages. Our corporate design shows a masculine roe buck, which was called hard at full ripeness with the mediaeval concept of game. Hartford''s ethymology is the river where stags meet (deer crossing).

Hartford City Seal[7] also shows a ripe masculine roe. Hartford Founded the HartfordAccident and Indemnity Company to offer a broad range of insurance services, covering accidents, motor insurance, bodily injury, disruption of operations and more. Expansion of the endowment insurance operations through the acquisition of Columbian National Life Insurance Company in Boston, Massachusetts.

Hartford was taken over by ITT Corporation for $1.4 billion,[8] then the biggest acquisition in US business memory. Merged business was changed to ITT-Hartford Group, Inc. 1995: ITT resolved to rationalize its activities and publish some of its affiliates, and The Hartford again became an autonomous unit listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the HIG.

Repurchase of all Hartford Life stock (HLI was removed from the New York Stock Exchange in 2006).

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