hCare Clinician Portal provides easy access to all Meditech, PACS and MUSE stored information in one simple web-based location. Airbus Helicopters keeps companies on course and rotorcraft in the sky with its HCare service offering. HCA is pleased to offer our doctors the speed and convenience of our best remote login solution yet "hCare. Once the installation is complete, hCare access requires some unique identification information from you. The summer programs offer educational programs for high school students to prepare for college and career.

hCare Access with an iPad.

Care access

hCareAcc significantly enhances login times to our computer system and presents a Desktop Imaging that fits with our home desk environments. hCareAcc is designed to offer doctors and their employees distance accessing features that emulate the clinical expertise while providing a powerful singlesign-on expertise.

Whilst the original emphasis of this ability is on improving one' s own clinic expertise, it also has great potential for use in a number of other commercial requirements. Our aim is to enable doctors to gain quick, easy and consistent technical support for the required system. While this is not our last enhancement of your accessibility expertise, it is our next.

It brings us one stage nearer to our goal of providing doctors with world-class connectivity to improve the quality of healthcare for patients. The following is a listing of authorized platforms and associated browser (s) that are authorized for use in hCare Accessories. In order to apply for use of our computer networks in hospitals, please complete the application for use and the confidentiality and security agreement for providers.

If you have any queries or doubts about the application process, please do not hesitate to call us at (888-561-6599). It is also possible to configure hCare Acces to always be open in IE 9 Compatibility View by following these steps.

Care - Airbus Helicopter

Airbus Helicopters keeps companies on course and helicopters in the sky with its HCare range of products andervices. From materials handling, aircraft servicing, engineering assistance, trainings and flying to related operations, HCare makes sure that every single aircraft is successful and carried out with the highest level of security. Helicopters will continue to be 100% available to its clients.

The Airbus Helicopters worldwide fleet covers some 150 markets and provides on-site services to more than 3,000 clients, who together fly more than three million aircraft a year. Helicopters' Airbus Repair and Maintenance Solution ensures that the operating rotary wing aircraft profit from peak operational readiness and are constantly evolving to satisfy new operational needs, equipped with the latest technology and improved products.

Helicopters is continually expanding its operational and operational services to improve aviation security and improve costefficiency. Round-the-clock Airbus Helicopters provides 24/7 engineering assistance for a fast and efficient reaction. No matter whether it's a fast phone call or a reply from an expert technician, Airbus Helicopters provides a wide range of engineering assistance services.

The Keycopter client gateway from Airbus Helicopters is your key contact and brings your aircraft managment to a click.

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