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Pumpkin salad with basil and mint (BONUS recipe) cream-coloured vegan cauliflower soup. Increase your recovery after illnesses with nutrient-rich recipes that are easy to make when you are ill, tired or in pain. Rebuild your bowel and revive your health with these nutritious recipes inspired by the GAPS healing protocol. In my book you will find some delicious recipes. When you' ve tried one of my recipes, I'd love to see and hear it!

Recipes for 6 recipes to soothe inflammation & cure the intestines

Indigestion system of your stomach and intestine play an important part for your general well being. It is home to about 80 per cent of the body fluids, and intestinal diseases such as leaks are associated with many common diseases including inflammation and immunodeficiency. When all diseases begin in the intestine, as Hippocrates once said, then it is also the cure.

These are six of my favourite recipes for bowel healing for general health: 1. Rinse out the hen and put into the pan. Cooking at moderate temperature until bubble, then lower to low and cover and simmer for at least 8 to 48hrs. 3. Process the courgettes into pasta.

Cut the courgettes with a Juliet cutter into thick or beautiful and thin stripes (more like real pasta). As soon as the carpets are soft, put in the courgettes and cook (covered or uncovered) until they are soft. Times varies according to the sizes of your courgettes "noodles.

5 "5. Stir in the minced hen and cloves, cook and then turn off the fire. Bonebroth, the intestinal superhealer, contains many components for your intestinal celllets. Gelatine, glycosamine, glycine as well as mineral salts contained in vegetable stock are a naturally occurring mixture that can help alleviate bowel leaks, diarrhoea, constipation as well as nutritional intolerance.

When you are struggling with Histaminintolerance, I suggest boiling the bone in the stock for a while. Squeeze the power out of the sellerie. Just as easy as it may sound, Sellerie contains many mineral salts and nutritional elements that are ideal for your intestines. Recommended to drink 16 oz on an empty stomach 16 oz of chilled water in the mornings.

Add 2 bowls of boiling soda to the saucepan and cook. 3. Sieve. Both ginger and smooth elms are anti-inflammatory and healing for the mucosa. Warm the barbecue to moderate temperature. You get good anti-inflammatory greases like coca and omega from grass-fed burgers, pre-biotics and plant nutrients from vegetable and good bacterial from cabbage, all in one food!

Add to the pot and let simmer for 3 to 5 min over moderate temperature until warmed. Ingwer is another great anti-inflammatory and good healing remedy. I' ll publish more of my favourite bowel healing and anti-inflammatory recipes on my Facebook page. When you have intestinal issues, you should consider a free telephone or cam medical assessment to get a functioning medical view of your case.

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