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Which is an education, health and care plan? The plans for education, health and care (EHC) replace statements about special educational needs. EHC Plan takes into account all the needs of your child and brings together education, health and care services to achieve agreed results. Where can I request an assessment of education, health and care needs? Where will my child move from a Special Needs Declaration to an Education, Health and Nursing Plan?

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Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) are statutory instruments that describe the specific education, health and welfare needs of a particular age group. It explains the additional help provided to address these needs and how the help helps a young adult reach what he or she wants to reach in his or her lifetime.

It is not every infant with extra needs who will receive or need an education, health and care plan. A needs analysis for education, health and care must be carried out before agreeing on the need for an EHC plan. The EHC plan can be delivered to a 0-25 year old boy or girl, although this will not be the case for all SEND teenagers and will vary depending on their needs.

The parent/carer can learn more about the EHC and how to incorporate the opinion of the infant or young adult into their plan. Which is an education, health and care plan? The EHC Plan is a legislative instrument that defines the specific education, health and welfare needs of a paediatrician.

They explain what additional help is provided to address these needs, and how this help helps the infant or young adult reach what they want to accomplish in their lives. How does an Education Health and Care Plan look like? The Hackney EHC plan templates can be found in the document library.

Are you a member of a hostage, kid or teenager's staff and believe that you need to apply for an EHC Plan, please see the following page for more information. If they wish, they can also see this information. If your evaluation proposal is approved, you will receive the documents for the EHC Plan.

Territorial agencies can build their EHC plan copies on their own. Hackney's EHC design crew worked with parenting to review the original Hackney design template. Modifications have been made to respond to the opinions of parent groups. Now Hackney has 2 EHC plan releases. The EHC plan has 13 necessary parts.

Every section refers to information specifically provided by certain service providers or individuals. Adolescents and adults are continuously engaged and are asked to complete Section A and may provide further information in Section K.A: Your child's opinions, interests and desires. C: Particular needs in education (SEN). for C: Health needs related to SEN.

Need for care in connection with SEN. Q: Specific training offer (support). A: Health care. C: Guidance and Information - a listing of the information collected during the EHC needs analysis. And who can get an EHC plan? The majority of SEND ( "Special Needs Education / Disability") youngsters do not need an EHC plan.

For a small number of kids or teenagers, more assistance will be needed than is normally possible in the field. Such persons may need an EHC plan: Adolescents between the ages of 19 and 25 who need more elapsed SEND to complete their schooling. Educational achievement of the infant or adolescent / Development mileage / Progression rates is lower than anticipated.

Measures already taken to assist the paediatrician. These advances have only been achieved through extra interventions and supports that go beyond what is normally foreseen for other children/youngsters of the same aging. Specialists working with family, kids or teenagers who believe that an EHC Plan requires an EHC Plan should apply can find instructions and expert form on the following page.....

Where can I order an EHC Plan? Planning teams for health, care and training. Please note: If you have not heard back from the staff that they have been receiving your enquiry, please call to verify that they have it. After I have sent my inquiry, what happens? They need to give special information about what is important and useful for your baby.

It will help parents/nurses and young adults better understanding what is happening and when. On three occasions throughout the whole procedure, the application goes to a body that reviews the information and decides whether to move on to the next step. HLT receives a proposal for evaluation with all available proof.

Adolescents or families who have been notified of the choice by the SEN group. Family-children or adolescents are supported in discussing and preparing their opinions, desires and emotions, and sections A and A of the plan are discussed. On the basis of all the information collected, a working plan is drawn up, exchanged and drawn up in a multi-agency workshop with parent and children or adolescents.

The SEN Panel reviews all information collected so far and agrees whether a plan is appropriate. Adolescents or families who have been notified of the choice by the SEN group. NOT EHC plan arranged - then the right to appeals applies. Assistance is set up when she's lucky. If you are not satisfied with a definitive plan resolution, you have the right to file an appeals within two month.

Whom can help me with an EHC plan requirement? A number of individuals can help you apply for an EHC plan. Information, advisory and supportive activities are available in each district. The Hackney SENDIAGS (SEND Information, Advice and Guidance Service) can offer hands-on help and assistance that can involve completing formulars and participating in meetings.

The Hackney's Education, Health and Care Planning Team may be able to provide guidance. NPOs can also provide guidance to parents/nurses on how to submit EHC applications, but are often unable to provide hands-on assistance. If I don't get an Education Health and Care Plan, what happens? What is important to know is that a "no" to an EHC plan is not a "no".

There are a number of financing and assistance options available to pupils who can begin with minimum help and develop into more intensive assistance. How does the community / Hackney Learning Trust respond to the needs of educational institutions? The majority of kids and teenagers have fulfilled their needs in the community and do not have an EHC plan.

Why the community did not consider an EHC plan necessary should be clearly indicated in written form. They must apply for this if they have not sent you a written communication, as you cannot go to arbitration and court without a written communication. I have talked to my mom and dad about this and set up a document library and move all my work there.

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