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Medical and insurance sector

Discounts vary by fund and within funds by policy. Krankenversicherung | Save 5% on company cover We' ve teamed up with HCF to offer you HCF's superb occupational health insurance at a preferential RAC tariff - saving you 5% on your premiums each year for the duration of your policy? HCF will get in touch with your health insurance company on your behalf if you already have health insurance. Choose one of the following coverages and add your favorite Extra options to make your own custom bundles of hospitals and more.

Or, if you only want to get medical insurance or only need extra, you can do it. Economical introductory coverage for: Basis extra coverage for: Accessible mid-level tools that provide a broad spectrum of care and therapy. Qualitatively high-quality extra features provide a broad spectrum of treatments and treatments. The highest standard of extra features for the highest coverage of treatments and service.

The HCF health insurance company has received a number of accolades, such as the CANSTAR Prize for Excellence in Health Insurance for 2016. Your enterprise healthcare products have proven themselves to be better than their award-winning retailer line. The HCF, like the CAC, is a member-based organization, so its emphasis is on the health of its members and not on profits.

They are now Australia's biggest non-profit health insurer. *Depends on the amount of coverage and up to your annuity ceiling. Privately run hospital: These services would not fully meet all your needs and you might have to bear considerable outlays. If you choose a privately-held individual hospitalized in a government institution, you may have to make an out-of-pocket payment if these services are lower than your selected government fees or do not meet all your health care outlays.

Provided you remain with the Enterprise Products and do not make any changes to your policies. Published by The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited ABN 68 000 026 746 (HCF), a privately held health insurance company.

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