Health and Medical Insurance

sickness and health insurance

I'm looking for insurance that pays for private hospital treatment. Bupa Egypt's world-class international health and health insurance plans will help you ensure your safety, whether in Egypt or abroad. For international students, information on health insurance and medical care while studying in Sweden. Health care and health insurance information for international students. The health insurance is there to protect you and your family.

Up to $100 discount on health and medical benefits.

You are a physician? CGU insurance for health and medical professionals can help your company stay safe. Select your artwork in a few simple clicks now. The CGU's commercial insurance is adaptable and can readily be adapted to the needs of companies specializing in health and medical care products.

Be it a physician, Osteopath, Nutritionist or Veterinary Surgeon - our health insurance provides you with adaptable protection for your company. With our commercial insurance, you have the freedom to customise your policy according to the nature of the transaction you are conducting. The CGU's health and medical insurances offer a variety of coverage.

Often in your line of work, individuals claim protection for the following kinds of events: Protects your office against fire, storm and/or wilful damages to your building, content, inventory, tooling and fixtures. Protects your company against burglary and burglary of your inventory, content and outfit.

Safeguards your company from liability for damages resulting from your work on a person or their possession. Cover the break of window displays, shelves, showcases, signage and billboards. Please see the Corporate Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for the full detail of what is and is not insured.

Cover for the lost profit after the closure of your company or during reconstruction after damages due to an incident for which you are covered (e.g. fire or windstorm damages). Cover you against monetary losses resulting from deceitful or dishonest actions or omissions of an associate with the clear intention of making unreasonable individual monetary gains.

Concerns the costs of royalties resulting from an examination or study relating to the payment of a levy. Cover you against losing, damaging or breaking into objects (e.g. tools) that you take with you or store at a workplace outside your work area. Reveals the failure of machines you need to run your company - e.g. tills, saloon facilities or climate control systems.

Please see the Corporate Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for the full detail of what is and is not insured. Now you can get a quotation and buy your insurance policy on-line in less than 3 mins. Do you need help selecting the right insurance? CGU Insurance experts can help you find answers to your insurance queries or help you find an insurance agent if you need further assistance.

Whats a third party insurance? Our third party insurance covers your company against accident or injury resulting from your operations and against damages to your belongings in the possession or under the control of a third party. Learn more about state guarantees. What kind of third party insurance do I need?

Each company is different and there is no single policy as to how much a third party insurance policy your company needs. The CGU offers three types of commercial third party insurance, which you can purchase directly from us: Third party damages can be very expensive, so it is important that you select a coverage that protects your company from financial loss if you need to do so.

The break-in will cover you against an unidentified individual who enters your office and steals your items, content or gear. Cash conceals the stole cash (burglary only the tangible content, not the currency). You will indemnify and hold harmless for any losses of funds resulting from any disloyal or deceitful act or failure of an associate to act with the clear intention of making unreasonable solicitation.

Further information on coverage facilities and coverage facilities can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement. How does the service disruption work? Of all kinds of companies CGU insurance coverage, retailers are the companies that most often are entitled to break of operations. Suspension of operations shall compensate for the loss of your company's net income due to the suspension of your company as a result of an incident such as a windstorm or fire, and shall contribute to the coverage of running expenses and protect your company's margin until your company has returned to this feedback and its profitability before the suspension.

Learn more about interruptions and how they work. Whats health and casualty insurance? Trauma and health insurance will help you recover your expenses if you are not able to work due to injuries or sickness. More information on this coverage can be found in the product information.

Accidents and illnesses can be insured as a self-employed person and offer coverage for the shorter to middle range (maximum 104 weeks) if you are not able to work due to injuries or illnesses. More information on this coverage can be found in the product information. What do I have to tell you about my revenue?

Sales are used to measure the scale of your company and to ensure that our product can offer your company appropriate cover - this does not affect your price. Yes, you can decide to make a payment each month at no additional charge to help your company administer your liquidity.

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