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The Affordable Care Act aims to improve the quality of health through the use of technology. ACT Calvary Health Care - Calvary Public Hospital Today's opening hours: Please refer to this page for holidays. GP Liaison Unit(GPLU) supports family doctors, caregivers, and their families. GPLU is a source of information about general practitioners. GPLU is aimed at improving services / communications and closing the service/communications gap for Family Doctors.

GPLU will clinically assist general practitioners as needed.

Medical dentistry | Health

At ACT Health we supply a wide variety of official dentistry products for paediatric ians, adolescents and adult ions. In addition, we supply urgent and prosthetic care. In order to gain acces to these facilities, please contact the Community Health Centres. In ACT we give a full evaluation, personal mouth health plan and general preventative, restorative as well as urgent care for infants and youth.

There are also dentistry options such as jaw orthopaedic equipment and prosthetic dentistry for kids and teens included in a Centrelink licence map. Special charges shall be levied for these additional charges. Kindly make your reservation via the Community Health Intake Line at 02 5124 9977 or go to the Community Health Centres page for more information.

If you need urgent care, please call 02 5124 9977 from Monday to Friday or 02 5124 1653 for weekends and bank holiday assistance. We offer our dentistry service to young persons under the ages of 18 who live in the ACT or attend schools and are protected by an up-to-date Centrelink licence ticket.

For our service the usual charges apply: These include tooth examinations, x-rays, cleansing, crack seal ants, filling and extraction. ACT offers various types of dentistry for people over 18 years of age including general restoration, prosthetic and first aid dentistry. Veterinary dentistry for adults is only available to the principal owner of a pension concession or health insurance pass currently ACT Centrelinked.

The general restoration procedure has a waitlist - please use the Community Health Intake email address 02 5124 9977 to add your name to the waitlist. For a general meeting, please visit the Community Health Centres. There is a $300 supplement limit for restoration treatments in each year.

Our company offers a wide variety of prosthetic service, among them prosthesis repair, prosthesis reline and adjustment. The repair of prostheses is carried out in the same way as in emergencies. Please call 02 5124 9977 for urgently needed repair work. You can be evaluated by telephone and we can arrange an interview that is tailored to the degree of priority of your needs.

Prosthesis service is available to all ACT resident over the ages of 18 who are in possession of a Centrelink licence pass, which includes a health or pension pass. They must also be entitled to be treated. There is a $43.05 fee required for the course of your therapy. A yearly ceiling does not exist and prosthesis customer fees are not covered by the US$300 restoration limit.

From Monday to Friday we provide immediate dentistry support for all those who have immediate need of Community Health dentistry care. Call the Community Health Intake at 02 5124 9977. You can be evaluated by telephone and we can arrange an interview that is tailored to the degree of priority of your needs.

The Phillip Clinic also offers restricted service after work on Saturday afternoons. If you need to get help at the weekends or on holidays, please call 02 6205 1653. You can use our dentist emergencies services:

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