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Public health and health insurance

URC Eco Karen Berg Brigham URC Brigham (Paris Health Services and Health Economics. Health care modes in Australia If you move to a new land, there is a great deal to be learned about the health system. Australia has two types of health care: the Medicare system and the privately owned health care system. The Medicare Medicare provides a high degree of health care for all Australians. Provides inhabitants with free entry to healthcare and reduces the costs of health care outside clinics.

The Medicare product does not provide treatments in residential clinics, outpatient departments or care such as dentistry and physical therapy. The Medicare service is available to qualifying users from Australia who have a reciprocal health agreement (RHCA) with Australia. You may also need to take out personal health insurance for your visas, even if you have RHCA privileges.

Privately provided health care The privately provided health care system consists of privately funded health insurance funds, privately funded health care institutions and other health care service enterprises such as dental practitioners and physical therapists. Your personal health insurance can insure you for infirmary care, health care, extra services and emergencies. What kind of care and procedure you can take depends on the amount of insurance you have.

Health insurance means that as a privately insured person you can be cared for in a local or international clinic and have the necessary health care when you are not in need. The use of physicians and clinics from the HCF networks helps you prevent extra cost for your treatments that are paid for by your insurance.

Extra coverage allows you to take advantage of treatments such as dentistry, physical therapy, eyeglasses and contacts, accupuncture, Chinese spice and more. The health insurance offers on-site accident and emergencies treatments and transport to the local clinic if you need further (emergency) care.

Health insurance Health insurance Optical offer

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