Health Care for all

Providing health care for all

The provision of health care is a basic human need. The universal health care system is a health system that provides health care and financial protection to all citizens of a given country. Everybody's health care - Share your health care history - Support statement - Become a member. AUSTRALIAN HOME NURSE FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS. The Medicare program offers a high level of health care for all Australians.


The provision of health care is a fundamental need of people. A wise, efficient health system that dispenses effectively and spans everyone is crucial for health, welfare and financial well-being. There' s a one-payer healthcare system covering everyone. An individual taxpayer basically bundles all health care costs, bargains in price and makes all payments. You are needed now by the single-payer move - often referred to as the citizens hip of our age.

We believe

Everyone merits to be released from the anxiety of having to forego necessary care or privation in order to be able to afford high doctor-invoices. Every human being should have equitable health care regardless of his or her earnings levels, health conditions, working conditions, immigrant background, old age or family background. Limiting the availablility of reasonable health care to those who have it through an employers, those who can buy it in the personal health care sector, or those who have it through a government-sponsored scheme has caused million with insufficient cover.

Together, we can create a one-person system that provides affordability and universality of healthcare. Because we believe that a single-payer system is the way to achieving universality in healthcare: They save administrative dollars by having a unified agent that collects all the monies and pays all the invoices, while further reducing the cost through negotiated prices and large-scale purchases of medicines and health care equipment.

It is our belief that general health care must be provided by and for societies, similar to that provided by policing and fire safety, training and defence.

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2019 Universal Healthcare UpdateClick here for more information! The HCFA-WA works for high value, sustained, affordable, public funded, private health insurance for all Washingtonians. Again and again we listen to the tales of people and their relatives who are affected by the too costly and insufficient health insurance in our state.

There will be great pressures on the state legislative to find a way to provide universally affordable healthcare with a sole cost bearer in the 2019 legislative, thanks to Washington electorate. There was an exciting and enthousiastic meeting of militants who wanted to know more about our Legislative 2019 plan.

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