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The term refers to doctors and medical institutions providing services to patients covered by insurance. The choice of provider is a major reason why people take out private health insurance. Learn about your health insurance and find easier ways to take advantage of your benefits. Employees in the list of accepted health insurance companies of Women's Health Care. The understanding of health insurance does not have to be so difficult.

ITEM 10: Global health insurance carriers | Top 10

In view of the annual increase in health care expenditure, it is essential that every individual has health insurance. You will find the largest and best-known health insurance companies in the United States. Humana - With more than 11 million members, it is one of the largest health insurers in the USA.

Humania has an excellent customer base and provides health insurance coverage in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

According to the firm, complaints are handled within 48hrs and 95% of their customers are renewing with them. This Hong Kong-based pan-Asian group provides a full spectrum of health insurance, from healthcare, hospitalization and long-term care to acute diseases. Fundamental concepts of Total Emergency Illness offer cover for 30 joint acute diseases such as cancers, strokes, cardiac diseases and renal diseases, and usually end after the first demand is made.

It also has schemes to help offset loss of revenue. The Aetna Foundation - The Aetna Foundation in the USA is one of the most important health insurance companies in the state. The Aetna Group provides health, oral, pharmaceutical, group insurance, invalidity, long-term care and social security services, primarily through employer-financed (full or partial) insurance and claims programmes and Medicare.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield - The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is an association of 37 different health insurance funds and businesses in the United States. Taken together, they offer direct or indirect health insurance for over 100 million Americans. BCBSA is one of the largest health insurers in the Globe in numbers and also acts as a Medicare administrator in many states or territories of the United States.

Axa-Axa is one of the best known and largest health insurance companies operating in the UK. It offers a broad portfolio of personal health insurance for individual, family and corporate customers. Asia PPP Healthcare serves the global health insurance markets and was named the best global health insurer in the 2012 UK Health Insurance Award.

Aviva - As a UK based multi-national group, Aviva is the 6th biggest insurance group in the UK in terms of net premiums written and has approximately 43 million clients in 21 different markets. Offering health insurance in jurisdictions such as Ireland and India, Aviva provides its members with a number of unrivalled advantages such as on-call nurses, back and neck injury care and preventive medical checkups for various illnesses.

U.S. Midwest Medical Center - United Medical Center is a business unit of the UnitedHealth Group, the United States' leading health care provider, employing more than 7 million individuals. In addition to providing individual health insurance, United provides employer health care plans and administers and facilitates health care benefits for government-sponsored and Medicaid government health care plans and their recipients.

Express-Express Scripts is an U.S. based organization that provides an end-to-end pharmaceutical value -added chain solution that includes value - creation consulting, medication use verification, formula control, and medicinal and medicinal analytics solutions to administer medication schedules for health insurers, self-insured contractors, and governments, as well as the Department of Defense. Z├╝rich Insurance Group - Zurich Insurance Group has been the top 75 insurance group in the global market since 2013.

The Zurich Insurance Group is the largest insurance group operating in Switzerland and is known for the provision of insurance to health care organisations, with the exception of body care for various different demographic seg-ments. Our schemes differ around the globe; and they also provide life -style schemes, fracture and fracture protection for senior citizens, vacation insurance, protection schemes and the " peaceful of minds " schemes that ensure a policyholder's present standards of life in the event of unemployment, invalidity or accidental death & invalidity.

The Zurich Insurance Group also provides family insurance cover and protects them from the risk of personal injury, death, disability, accident-related incomes in hospitals (elderly care) and accident-related sickness.

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