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Shall I not try more than one cold junction? Is your website correct? This site contains only data about Medicare facilities.

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Guys, please help me figure out how to modify my health plan or let it fall together. I went in a circle and tried to switch my health cover from the Medibank I've been with for 20 years to something more accessible after the laughable rises recently took place. The ProductReview was my first port of call for everything I wanted to buy.

It is not surprising that most health insurance companies under this roof score 4.5 points or more of 5 points! Whilst the roof Co is enumerated as sponsorship, the others are not, you can only find this if you go to their website and see all the insurance companies among them that represented them.

One quotation I found at the Choice was something like "Don't buy health care, as a citizen of Australia you already have health care, it's MEDICARE". I' ve been seriously considering ditching the whole health care thing. Also, I recall an older political figure who said many years ago that he didn't cover health because Medicare is the best health plan you can get in the occident.

For the time being, I stuck with Medibank, just reduced my schedule to the minimum I could do. I' m seriously thinking about letting her go all the way.

oSelect stock quotes are dropping as the earnings of comparison sites fall.

iSelect' stock is not selected by investor and beats the stock after the company has lowered its profit prospects and disclosed that its CEO has given up. At 11:30 a.m., the stock fell 53 percent to 49 europents ("AEST"). On-line comparison site allows users to play off health care, power and telephone schemes against each other and collects commissions for their problems on the basis of the costs of the policy, products or schemes purchased by the client.

This is exactly where iSelect has got into difficulties - with a lot of fierce business, a hard insurances sector and customers who like to make their own comparisons, revenues have lagged behind expectation. "Healthcare as well as energy and telecommunications have been adversely affected by volatile markets and are lower than anticipated due to changes in the overall healthcare industry healthcare and telecommunications markets," the firm said in a comment to the markets.

This is blamed on "reduced seach machine marketing". There is a "full strategy review" of how to market to get more customers to get through. Increasing costs for health care coverage and " continuing problems of affordable health " have also weakened iSelect' service delivery requirements. Mr. Wilson has stepped down from his five-year position as CEO with immediate effect.

According to the firm, its financial position will remain "strong" without debts and with a net present value of 21 million dollars.

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