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Expat-Guide for Great Britain contains all important facts and practical information. Learn about the healthcare system in the UK and how to hire a health insurance company. Be sure you are insured before you travel to London. Adjust your insurance cover to your health needs, from diagnosis and treatment to aftercare and advice. Health care with all its variants is not easy.

NHS: Public health insurance in Great Britain

While the UK health care system is known as the NHS, the four regional health care schemes differ slightly. So long as you have enrolled with a family doctor and are lawfully in the UK, you are eligible for free health care that will cover everything you may need.

The recent reform of the NHS has led to some controversies, but it is still known as one of the best health care regimes in the whole worlw. Whilst there are a number of privately owned health care companies (we have a dedicated section on privately owned health insurance), most individuals buy privately owned health care companies to supplement the NHS service.

From a technical point of view, the NHS is not a'British' entity in the meaning that there is only one entity responsible for health care throughout the United Kingdom. In England, Scotland and Wales there are actually segregated health authorities - but they are all referred to as NHS. NHS in Northern Ireland is the HSC, or Health and Social Care for short. NHS is the NHS in Northern Ireland.

Practically speaking, the difference between the different types of service offered by each institution is rather small. If you live in a British county, you are eligible for NHS health care in every other part of the UK. To what am I authorized? NHS provides a broad spectrum of health care related activities that cover all aspects of health care.

According to the basic philosophy of the Institute, most of the NHS coverage is free of charge at the place of use. That means that anyone enrolled in the NHS can use a broad spectrum of service without having to pay out of their pockets. Family doctors are of key importance for the health needs of the general public and are your first point of contacts for most health care questions.

One of the above exemptions is the provision of dentistry. Teeth procedures are not NHS compliant and you will be charged every case you go to thedentis. Reproductive health is always free and includes counselling and medical attention by family doctors, in sex centres, STI hospitals, sex centres and contraceptive centres.

One of the most extensive psychological health service schemes in Europe is in place in the UK. On the pages of the NHS England you can see the whole range of psychiatric treatment in Great Britain. Of course, it is important to take good eyesight with you. Otherwise it is free of cost. If you choose that it was not, you are obliged to use it.

Often you can get booklets about the various service options and advice in a language other than English if you or your relatives feel more at ease with this one.

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