Health Coverage Plans

sickness insurance plans

Whilst provincial health plans provide coverage for many health expenses, there are gaps that can have a significant impact on your finances. CAA plans all begin with Basic Extended Health Care (EHC) to cover your primary health care expenses. Are you looking for information on health insurance? On this page you will find links to health insurance companies that are available for U-M students and alumni. Get to know the special features of health insurance.

International private health insurances

You can be sure that you and your loved ones can meet your health needs internationally. You are an industrial worker and are looking for a high level health coverage for your staff abroad? Bupa's health internationally policy helps to reassure your organization and people. For employers looking for health coverage for three or more people who are going abroad to work and reside, click the link below to make a request.

Send a request for quotation and a support engineer will contact you. The Bupa Group provides health insurances for individual persons and family members who want to work and reside abroad. Send a request for quotation and our support team will contact you. What makes you think you should opt for Bupa for your health plan?

Security - As a Bupa member, you know that your family's health needs will profit from the knowledge of an expert multinational insurer. Bupa provides health and long-term professional healthcare worldwide and is a premier multinational health insurer for foreigners.

Cut out-of-the-pocket costs - We can pay legitimate health invoices directly to over 10,800 hospital or clinic customers so you don't have to deal with large, unanticipated payment or red tape. Large, mature vendor ecosystem - Over 780,000 healthcare vendors around the world are available to you. Technical assistance - You receive round-the-clock assistance and consultation from our in-house health center.

US coverage - If a large portion of your stay is in the US, you can include the coverage in your schedule, allowing easy entry to a large number of high value clinics and other health care facilities with immediate billing of all costs incurred when receiving there.

Bupa offers you the opportunity to browse the Bupa case studies: The Bupa Global Personal Health Scheme (for Australians working outside Australia) is provided in Australia by ABN 11 000 016 722 AMSL 227681 in Australia. In Australia this item is sold by Bupa Australia Pty Limited (ABN 81 000 057 590), which is an authorised representative of IAA.

Bupa Insurance Services Limited of the United Kingdom manages all policy and claim relating to this invention.

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