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sickness insurance

Health insurance for people living or working in Vanuatu. Accessible health insurance plans for individuals & families in NY and VT.

Complaining on the way has never been so easy.

Flexibility in our policy means you can select to get either 50%, 60%, 65% or even up to 75% back when you make a claim. Our policy has a number of extras to help you get the most out of your time. Be sure to take out health insurance before you turn 31, otherwise you could be burdened with premiums as you get older. It should be very easy to make a demand - so we did it!

We' re not forcing you to stand in line to make a damage claim. Well, I can't do that. Either make a complaint on the day of your health visit or go on-line around the clock if it is convenient for you. The majority of health insurance companies want you to use their suppliers. If you' re lucky, we' re lucky. Excellent people ensure that you get the most out of your policies.

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