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Check premiums, reviews and online renewal of your Star Health Medical Insurance with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company. Customer Reviews and testimonials "<font color="#c400c4">(newscaster) Our families are with a charitable HIF foundation and we like it. Paying for everything (often even when they don't have to), we have no spending money with them and they are inexpensive and a joy to speak with their supportive people.

Example: She was released from a pulmonary institution over night after an Acute Coronary Disorder (blood clot in her leg pushed into her lungs?), but felt really uncomfortable and her GP sent her the next day by emergency car back to the Wesley General Hospital where she stayed eight nights.

They were supervised by their own in-house group of cardiologists (three different sub-specialists in cardiology) who would monitor their day-to-day advances at the Wesley clinic as their office is also in Wesley. It was only released after a cause for these clotting was found (hereditary disorder that causes her to clot).

Surprisingly, we didn't have any out-of-pocket expenditure (professional calls, check-ups, scans, etc.), which was partially taken over by Medicare and the remainder by HIF. I' ve been informed that we could mail the bill for the two hundred dollar or so for the test to Medicare (and do all the paperwork) or we could simply mail it to HIF if you edit it and get a direct reimbursement to the same banking accounts from which our insurance premium is made.

Delivering the very best value for your money, practically no spending out of your pockets, and employees are courteous and supportive. We also had other HIF experience, which was all very good (the employees even seem really empathetic and likeable). Equal great value free of charge services. "I' ve been in personal health insurance for over 25 years.

In the middle of last year, I went through some difficult periods, so I stopped my coverage for six whole week. I had been planned to stay in hospitals the next morning and was rejected on the basis of this information. "Tammy (see reviews, obtained via Facebook, March 2018). You were kind enough to let my bonuses fall due to my pecuniary (pension) position (to lower the cover), although I only recently increased them.

I' m going to increase my deductible for the clinic soon, but will definitely keep the coverage after going through the horrors of the state system. An insurance that pays off! "I have been a member of HIF for over a year, apart from all the apparent advantages such as lower bonuses and the ability to select the doctors I want to use, I have found the level of services that is second to none.

The first time I entered the sincere team, what I actually needed was valued instead of having a sale! After the employees had had some unusual damage cases in the last few month, they were outstanding and offered a good consultation in time, so that I had no costs out of my pockets.

The entire health insurance with HIF is too simple! I' m still awaiting my former insurance company to settle a bill from 3 months ago. Great, affordably priced protection for a familiy that needs insurance but doesn't want to afford the world!

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